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Platform ankle boots are a trend for women this season

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read
Platform ankle boots are a trend for women this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Platform ankle boots that will make you look more beautiful

Currently, when it comes to footwear, the proposals seem to have a very clear rule: The more platform, the better. In order to add more personality, common boots were transformed into chunky high platform ankle boots that captured the attention of numerous fashion victims.

Therefore, recently, the fever for platform ankle boots has been evident and is considered one of the most powerful trends in this 2021. Being a very retro proposal that, in addition to looking beautiful, is a versatile complement for casual and elegant outfits for women of any age.

What are the advantages of wearing platform ankle boots?

Beyond taking over various catwalks and being fashionable, platform ankle boots provide benefits to their users. Thanks to these benefits, over time, they have been considered one of the most used footwear and indeed, with the greatest popularity for women.

Now, you will surely wonder what are the advantages of wearing platform ankle boots, and then we will answer your question with the following main reasons that will motivate you to buy ankle boots of this type and follow the trend of the moment :

  • They are versatile : These women's footwear stands out for its great versatility. Since, in the market you can get casual models to go for a walk with friends or more formal ones to go to work meetings. Whereas, the determinants of its use lie in the materials used and their finish.

  • They are comfortable : They provide unmatched comfort to the feet and despite being heels, they do not affect the same way that many other high shoes can. This, thanks to the fact that they are perfect for all types of surfaces and their shape is responsible for distributing the weight throughout the foot in order to minimize any sensation of rest.

  • They are avant-garde : Platform ankle boots are a trend in the fashion world today and also tend to be timeless because they always look appropriate with any look. All this only depends on the most modern and original designs to give a more fashionable touch.

Best platform ankle boots for women 2021

In order to show you some references to facilitate your choice of platform ankle boots and thus, make sure you wear fashionable footwear at the end of the year ; We bring you the following options that stand out for being the best platform ankle boots for women today:

The latest Zara ankle boots

Platform ankle boots are a trend for women this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Ankle boots Zara 2021

With the news that the Zara chain of stores has copied Prada's maxi platform and comfortable heel ankle boots, Zara ankle boots have become one of the public's favorites. Therefore, they were quickly sold out in all sizes.

This model of ankle boots is characterized by being a versatile, comfortable, risky and luxury footwear ; a key piece for the Autumn-Winter 2021 season. Taking into account that Zara ankle boots have a very original touch that exalts the beauty of any outfit and is highly combinable due to its neutral tone.

Dolce & Gabbana platform boots

Platform ankle boots are a trend for women this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Dolce & Gabbana platform

These platform boots have a logo sole, elasticated side panels, a round toe, a silver-tone logo plaque and a double pull tab at the front.

Which are original from Dolce & Gabanna, so it is a luxury footwear that has a cost of 1,250 euros.

Regarding its exterior composition, we highlight that it has 30% calfskin, 60% Nylon and 10% Elastane. Regarding his model, it should be noted that he is associated with women with a risky, adventurous and outgoing personality. Mainly, it is recommended to use this model to create casual outfits.

Versace 155 mm Platform Ankle Boots

Platform ankle boots are a trend for women this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Versace platform ankle boots

It refers to a beautiful pair of black leather ankle boots with a high square heel platform. One of its main hallmarks is the Medusa plate detail that adds a more exclusive touch.

These platform ankle boots manufactured by Versace, have a price of 1,190 euros and therefore, their high quality. Among its greatest advantages, we find that it can be combined in multiple ways and looks perfect on any casual or sophisticated woman.

Simone Rocha 95 mm Platforms

Platform ankle boots are a trend for women this season – Fashion – WebMediums
Simone Rocha — Platform boots

They are more sporty platform ankle boots than usual known as "platform combat boots" and are identified as an ideal footwear to create risky and fashionable looks. Thus, they are the ideal complement to highlight wherever you go, even when you wear very basic clothing.

On the outside, the platforms are lined in calfskin, have a rubber sole and a leather lining. To look more avant-garde, we recommend using a portfolio that resembles the material of the ankle boots.

Black platform ankle boots by R13

Platform ankle boots are a trend for women this season – Fashion – WebMediums
R13 platforms

It is a beautiful model of platform ankle boots that are made of leather and feature a logo tab on the top. Added to this, it has a self-adhesive closure on the front and a round toe.

It should be noted that this shoe model is characterized by its comfort and versatility, since they are very comfortable and can be combined with numerous garments, regardless of your style. They have an approximate price of 1,300 euros.

Learn how to take care of your platform ankle boots now!

It does not matter if you have purchased an expensive brand shoe or a simpler one, in any case, the ideal is to know how to take care of your platform ankle boots so that they last over time and allow you to look much better. Since, the ideal is that your shoes always look good.

That is why, to finish, we have decided to give you some essential tips to take care of your ankle boots and keep them in good condition at all times :

  • In the case of leather footwear, it is appropriate to apply a product that nourishes them and minimizes their dry appearance.

  • Keep your boxes and keep them there at all times (or in a shoe rack), because this helps keep them dust-free and fully protected.

  • Don't forget to clean their soles every so often to remove any residue. This is ideal for extending the life of said shoe element.

  • Keep in mind that it is not advisable to put the booties to dry in a hot room or near a heating system, since the heat tends to crack and contract the shoes.

  • You should avoid storing two pairs of shoes together; this tends to deform and deteriorate them due to the pressure they exert on each other.

Now that you know what the benefits of wearing platform ankle boots are, you have seen the best 2021 models and apart from that, you have at hand the most efficient tips to take care of them; You can go buy the type of platform that you like the most and thus be fashionable.