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Winter Fashion 2021-2022: The Key Trends

Saharay Perez Bautista
5 min read
Fashion for winter

From now on, it is indicated to know what are the main trends in regard to women's winter clothing. Either, depending on garments, materials, colors, details, shoes and inspirations that will help you be fashionable for winter.

Therefore, in this post, we want to introduce you to what are the basic garments in a women's wardrobe to look avant-garde, elegant and attractive during the cold season 2021-2022.

Winter garments that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

Then you can start enjoying the following options to choose to your liking and look beautiful:

Plaid garments:

Plaid prints — winter fashion

In winter 2021-2022, women's clothing with checkered prints remains in trend as one of the main options to showcase a chic and sophisticated style at the same time.

Especially the tartan versions in brown, green and red tones.

To achieve an attractive look, we advise you to go for strategic pieces such as a plaid blazer, a Scottish skirt or trousers with this pattern.

Also, you have to avoid crossing the line between childish and modern, making the right choice based on what looks good on you.

Wool or knitted fabric as main material:

Total look wool 2021

Another of the basic garments of women's winter clothing refers to pieces made of wool ; an iconic option this season. Either with a "total wool" look or simply in some details. Luckily, there are a variety of formats that you can choose depending on your tastes.

This proposal will help you feel more comfortable and as if that were not enough, if you know how to combine the garments properly, you will show an iconic style. It should be noted that wool or knitted fabric can be used for day or night outfits, because they are garments with a certain versatility for ladies.

The metallic tones:

Trend of metallic tones winter 2021

Both silver and gold are tones that will reign in the women's wardrobe during the fall and winter season. Therefore, not only can they be worn at night, but it is also possible to create daytime looks to see you in fashion and set a trend wherever you go.

By nature, metallic tones favor cold harmonies, because they provide an additional luminosity to the face that manages to highlight the beauty of women. To combine metallic garments, we recommend choosing other neutral and basic colors such as black, for example.

Outfits with fur effect:

Fur effect look for winter

Another option that you can take into account to renew your wardrobe and have the best winter clothing for women are garments with a fur or leather effect. Which can be worn in multiple ways, both in coats and pants, as well as in the complete look to achieve an original and consistent finish.

To choose the right colors to wear in winter, we recommend choosing discreet shades inspired by Earth. Be it brown, maroon or green, for example. These colors allow you to create very sophisticated outfits for both a daytime meeting and an evening event.

The red clothes:

Red will take over winter

One of the main colors in 2021, without a doubt, was red in several of its shades. For this reason, many designers point out that this color is the right one to wear during the 2021-2022 winter season with tailored coats, vinyl pants or leggings or dresses.

Added to this, if you want to combine red with other fashionable shades for winter, you can correctly include it in jewelry or accessories that will help you achieve a vibrant and striking style, without neglecting the avant-garde.

The tall cowboy boots:

Black cowboy boots for women

It is also appropriate that in your women's winter clothing you include the appropriate footwear to enhance your winter looks. One of the fashionable footwear nowadays, are the high cowboy boots that maintain their classic style, but are higher and reach almost to the knee.

Despite the fact that different colors are available in the market to suit all tastes, to wear in winter 2021-2022, we recommend opting for darker tones and a low / wide heel. In addition, to combine them, it is necessary to use short garments or midi dresses to accentuate the focus in the lower part of your outfit.

The tailor suits:

Tailored suits for women in pastel tones — fashion 2021

In the parades of the most recognized fashion brands in the world, one of the most repetitive proposals has been tailored suits or men's suits for women. Which can be enhanced with accessories that add a more feminine touch to the look.

So, don't forget to include chinos, wide blazers and long-sleeved shirts in your women's winter clothing; because they will be one of the favorite garments during the Autumn-Winter 2021 season. Additionally, we advise you to include pastel colors, striped prints and botanical elements to achieve a more original style.

The off-white garments:

Off-white for a beautiful winter look

On the women's winter fashion catwalks, the beautiful off-white with shades of beige was not long in coming, providing a classic, romantic, elegant and angelic air at the same time.

For this reason, among the basic garments for women's winter clothing, it is appropriate to squander elegance with off-white pieces that, inherently, accentuate the winter style and make an excellent contrast to the weather of the season.

Especially if you create optimal shades with other shades through footwear or accessories.

Now that you know what the most important trends will be in winter, you have no excuse to look attractive and avant-garde, at the same time that you feel comfortable and sure of yourself.

You better start renovating your women's wardrobe now to enjoy the whole season.


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