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NetEase Connect 2022 Overview

Andy Vilchez
5 min read
NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
Everything that the NetEase Connect 2022 has left us.

NetEase's annual Connect event is now over and we have the details of everything that was announced. There were several updates to existing games and some announcements of exciting new titles.

We got word on what's new for the popular asymmetrical horror title. Dead By Daylight mobile is getting an update in western regions shortly, with a new test on the way as well.

Next, we will talk about all the news that was announced at this event, which were not few.


NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
This is another of the developer's successes and it is very interesting.

The survival game is going to get even bigger this summer with an expansion called Toward the Unknown. It will introduce new game modes and outfits, while also promising to offer tougher combat encounters. This is something that many fans of the game appreciate, as it will bring more versatility and longer play time.

Infinite Lagrange

NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
This is a pretty fun sci-fi title.

Infinite Lagrange is getting an update this summer that adds the legacy concept to the sci-fi MMO. This means that you can hunt legacy items and use them to upgrade and develop your forces.

This is quite an interesting update that most players will surely like. The developers are looking to increase the gameplay and attract more players.


NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
This is quite an interesting shooter that is really fun.

The latest update to NetEase 's survival shooter introduces a new mechanic focused on escape. In addition to being the last person standing, you can now succeed if you are airlifted off the map with all the loot you can carry.

On the other hand, the new trade function allows you to buy and sell supplies, as well as create unique weapons with high-quality equipment. This will allow you to customize your character much more, which will make you build your own strategies.

Identity V

NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
Quite an interesting title that you should take into account.

The popular survival horror title has announced another collaboration. This time it's with Japanese steampunk artist Mitsuji Kamata, which means you can look forward to new costume designs with that theme.

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting collaboration that will bring a new air to the game. Not much is known about the new outfits, but Kamata's works are truly amazing.

ZOZ: Final Hour

NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
A survival horror that you must try.

The up-and-coming third-person shooter is now open for regional testing. If you are interested in more about this game, you can access its website for more information.

However, we can anticipate that it is probably one of the most anticipated shooters of this year.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
Dive into this middle earth adventure.

The summer festival event is coming soon to The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, bringing new legends and stories. You'll be able to team up with everyone's favorite wizard, Gandalf, and help him put on a spectacular fireworks display. Plus, Merry and Pippin need your help cooking up some classic Hobbit dishes.

If you are a lover of middle earth, you cannot miss this interesting game. We guarantee that you are going to have a lot of fun going through the scenarios and teaming up with the most emblematic characters of the saga.

Ace Racer

NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
Ace Racer is also coming to our devices.

Ace Racer is a promising arcade driving game with overflowing action and absurd skills. Although a release date has not been announced, we have learned that a second beta will be held in June.

You can keep an eye on their social networks and their website if you are interested in signing up for the next beta. In addition, you will be aware of when it will be released to be one of the first to play it.


NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
This impressive title based on the Vikings will bring a new expansion.

The newly released Vikingard will receive a new expansion called Midsummer in June that promises a lot of new content. With this update, much more gameplay is added to this wonderful title.

Lost Light

NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
This shooter title will receive a lot of features to give it a fresh touch.

The popular survival shooter will soon receive an update that adds female characters, new clothes, weapons, armor and shelter skins.

In addition, during the third quarter of this year a version for iOS will be tested. It will be a closed test, so you will have to sign up on the official website if you want to participate.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

NetEase Connect 2022 Overview – Games – WebMediums
This fantastic game is about to come to mobile devices.

Finally, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has received a new trailer, which you can see below. We have also learned that it will be released for PC and mobile at some point in 2022, although nothing more concrete than that.

Nuevo trailer de Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

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Resumen del NetEase Connect 2022
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