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Pokémon Unite: the newest Pokémon

Sara Manaure
5 min read
Pokémon Unite: the newest Pokémon – Games – WebMediums
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This time I will tell you about the most recent launch of Pokémon, called Pokémon Unite.

This is available for both mobile devices and for Nintendo Switch. This new game is totally different from what you are used to seeing from these developers.

In other words, it's a mouth- watering MOBA widely accepted as part of esports and online gaming.

Find out in the following article the details of this interesting game and some terms that you may not yet know.

Pokémon Unite features

How I mentioned Pokémon Unite is designed under the MOBA concept which means, among other things, multiplayer is online in the combat arena.

On the other hand, it is the mode adopted by eSports, responsible for presenting electronic sports.

As this genre has tended so much acceptance in the medium, the developers of Nintendo wanted to try their luck to see what it was like.

Unlike other versions, this is not an adventure game in which you travel the world in search of a Pokémon.

Here you enter as part of a team that is going to face another in a combat arena. Many have described it as a mix of strategies and some action by connecting in the moment.

How to win in Pokémon Unite?

The arena in which you fight is always the same, so that all players can become familiar.

It has been chosen as well as to represent a neutral territory. Points are accumulated in each game.

The idea is to have more points than the rival at the end of the participation of all the members.

Just as you can get to difficult opponents you may also be playing against a pot. It is at this time where you should take advantage to get many points.

How is the game methodology?

The game is available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, and its compatible operating systems the game is crossplatform and crossplay.

This is a great advantage, since players will be able to form a game regardless of whether it is connected by mobile device or console.

What platforms is it available on?

Pokémon Unite is currently available for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch console operating systems. I must mention that it is a totally free game, in which by payment you can get some benefits.

Game dynamics

The dynamics itself is very simple to execute and easy to learn. At first you must create a character or avatar within the game. Then customize your profile, entering the username or what you want to be called.

Pokémon Unite: the newest Pokémon – Games – WebMediums


In addition, you have to enter your date of birth and choose from the available options to create one without staff. There are four skin options, a list of hairstyles along with the colors of this, and different eye shapes.


When you have customized the avatar, you have to go to the tutorial where they will tell you how to control your character and the respective controls during the game, or at least the basic and necessary to start.

You just have to follow the instructions by activating the commands indicated.

Also consider that when you are looking to complete the profile and receive the tutorial, some downloads will be activated that will complete the initial package to have the entire command downloaded.


These controls were designed to be used intuitively. On the left side of the screen you have the control joystick, with which the Pokémon moves from one place to another.

If you look to the right you have the available attacks, in it the blue button reflects the main attack and the others have a time to be able to use them.

This means that particular attacks need to be surcharges before they can be used again.

Just as these attacks have a use timer, the Unite move, which represents the Pokémon's most powerful attack, has a longer waiting time.

Points or energy points

Once you defeat your opponent, you can take points that will help you win the battle by accumulating more points than the other group or take energy points that will increase the power of your Pokémon.

Energy points will allow you to evolve your Pokémon during combat. This will give you access to new abilities and powers of your Pokémon making you stronger in battle.

Pokémon Unite: the newest Pokémon – Games – WebMediums


The games played will be reflected on the map. Each map takes you to face two groups, which have 3 bases. Also, you will be able to observe alternate routes on the map that will facilitate your progress within the map. You have full freedom to choose where to go.

What are the bases?

In your team bases your Pokémon can be recovered. This will also give you points for your team when you deliver the Pokéballs obtained from your opponents. Another point of the game is that you can attack enemy bases.

Equipment location

On one side come the 4 members of your team, including you. While on the other side are the 4 characters of the opposing team.

You must go with your Pokémon defeating bots and rivals without being eliminated. Then you will have 5 min in which you can get extra points or decide to attack the bases of your rival team.

It should be noted that the more battles you will get, the more you will get a license to get new Pokémon.

If you are one of those who do not like to wait, you can go to the store to acquire them along with other objects by paying real money. Now, there are also special passes that will allow you to obtain special rewards as well as the assignment of special missions.