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Squid game comes to Fortnite!

Andy Vilchez
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Surely you must have already heard (or seen) the television series that is in trend, the squid game. The popularity of this has been such that Fortnite has released a new game mode inspired by the series.

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Squid game in Fortnite

This series that has only been on Netflix for a short time has gained tremendous popularity. Getting to position yourself as one of the most viewed series this year on the platform. However, this popularity was not limited to television, but memes, videos have appeared on TikTok, and now it has reached Fortnite.

This game from Epic Games has long been characterized as a game that bets a lot to bring news to its players. We recently saw how a map of the creative mode that is inspired by this series has appeared.

And unsurprisingly, this map has become a trend within the game.

It is important to mention that this game mode is not an official one, but has been developed by third parties. However, the work they have done has been exceptional, they have been able to recreate the scenarios of the series quite accurately.

Squid game in Fortnite.

How to play the squid game in Fortnite?

In this wonderful map in a creative way, the different games that appear in the series have been recreated quite accurately. And since its launch, it has become a trend within Fortnite.

To access this map, you must enter the following code: 8443-5747-327. To place the code, you must access the Battle Royale mode and access the "island code" tab to enter the code.

Once you enter the game mode, you will be able to enjoy this mode, in this, up to 30 players will be able to participate simultaneously. And in it, you are going to have to face different challenges until there is only one participant left, who will be the winner.

What games does this map include?

There are several types of games that are included in this map and that you can enjoy. It should be noted that all of them are very well achieved, and you will be able to feel yourself within the scenes of the series. The available games are as follows:

Red light and green light : the objective of this game is to get from one side to the other. However, you will only be able to move when the lights are colored see, if they change to red, and you move, you will be automatically eliminated.

The cookie game : this simple game tries to hit the target without leaving the silhouette before time runs out. To do this, you will have to shoot with the Ray Gun. If time runs out, or you miss your targets, you will be eliminated.

Night fight: you will have a pickaxe and the objective is simple, survive the fight before time runs out. Of course, you will have to fight other players for survival.

Tug of war : Players are divided into two teams, with each team shooting the targets. To achieve the objective, you will have to shoot the targets faster than the other team.

Marbles : very simple, you just have to guess if it is odd or even.

Glass steps: you must advance across the bridge guessing which step is safe. The objective is to reach the finish line, so you must be very careful.

The squid game : you will have a Mecha Gun and the objective is simple, you will have to remove the rest of the players from the game area. To do this, you are going to have to shoot them out.

Take advantage of this game mode and feel as if you are part of the squid game.

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