Effects of spicy on metabolism

Grecia De Flores
2 min read

When we talk about "spicy flavor" we usually make the mistake of confusing it, since it is not a flavor.

The sensation that is perceived of itching is the product of a small inflammation at the oral level, which makes our taste much more sensitive, thus reducing the perception of the rest of the flavors.

Each food that is spicy has a different compound. Foods like pepper, ginger, garlic, and chillies; they are spicy.

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Benefits of spicy for the body

  • Stimulates gastric secretions. With the intake of some spicy foods, as long as it is in moderate quantity, we can benefit from our digestion.

  • Spicy food gives us a greater feeling of satiety, which will produce an effect of less appetite.

  • Caspicia, on the other hand, has various anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, with which we can lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

  • The spiciness is antimicrobial, and helps in the preservation of some foods. You can try making various spicy preserves, we know you are going to love them.

  • Spicy can easily be an alternative to salt, which we can use in a special way in order to add more flavor to our dishes.

"Eating spicy helps you lose weight"... How much truth is there in this?

Various nutritionists explain that caspicia, which is part of an active component within hot peppers, is largely related to weight loss, however, this is not entirely true.

This food increases body temperature, and can also help you speed up metabolism, however, experts claim that this effect is irrelevant in the weight loss process.

There are several studies that explain how weight loss is carried out accurately due to the caloric deficit, and not that it is directly related to the spiciness.

Does the spicy produce any negative effect on the body?

Its use without any type of control can cause irritation within the gastric mucosa, which is why its consumption is not recommended for those who have heartburn problems, gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis, stomach ulcers or hemorrhoids.