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Recipes to combine fruits with chicken

Sara Manaure
4 min read

The possibilities offered by the kitchen to create new preparations are endless.

In fact, there are recipes that usually mix sweet with salty and fruits with vegetables. It often happens that not all combinations please the palate, so I bring you recipes to combine fruits with chicken.

One of the most combinable meats not only in flavor but also because of its soft texture is chicken. Therefore, we bring you all these options so that with a little dedication you can try these culinary delights. Know in the following section chicken recipes with fruits that you cannot miss:

Recipes to combine fruits with chicken – Gastronomy – WebMediums

Chicken with pineapple and mango curry

For this preparation you will need.

  • 2 chicken fillets,

  • 1 mango, cinnamon, curry,

  • ½ pineapple or a small pineapple,

  • ½ cup of chicken,

  • Pepper, salt and cornstarch.

For the preparation you must season the chicken with salt and pepper, preferably hours in advance. The chicken broth you must add the cornstarch, the curry and a little cinnamon. Put the broth to cook for about 5 minutes and turn off once the time is up.

Now, chop the fruits into squares, take them to the pan with a little butter. Sauté the fruits for a few minutes and add to the hot broth.

Then, you add the breasts milanesas and cook medium heat until the chicken is well cooked. This usually reduces enough to cook the chicken and leave behind a sauce.

At this point, we are ready to serve with some fruit sauce.

Recipes to combine fruits with chicken – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Oranges and lemons.

Chicken in oranges

You will need to:

  • 2 oranges,

  • 1 breast,

  • Soy sauce, whole garlic, ginger, butter,

  • Salt, olive oil,

  • Pepper and cornstarch.

To start you must season the chicken with salt and pepper. Let marinate for at least 1 hour.

Now, fry the chicken in a frying pan and with a little butter until it turns a golden color.

Then, for the sauce in the same pan where you cooked the chicken, place another little butter, fry the garlic and grated ginger. Add the juice of the oranges, add pepper and salt and stir until everything is well integrated.

Afterwards, you must add a little cornstarch and let it cook until it reduces and thickens. When you have the right texture of the sauce, add the chicken and bathe it well. Let cook for a few minutes, and then they will be ready to eat.

Grape salad with chicken

For this recipe you must measure:

  • 1 cup shredded chicken,

  • ½ cups of grapes cut in two without seeds,

  • 1 cup of cubed cheese.

  • ½ cup of chopped walnuts,

  • 1 cup of cut lettuce.

This is one of the simplest that I will show you on this day, you just need to place all the ingredients in a container and mix well without breaking the grapes. Add a little vinegar, lemon juice and voilà! A chicken and grape salad ready to enjoy.

Teriyaki chicken with apple

For this you should only have.

  • 1 chicken breast,

  • Honey,

  • Teriyaki sauce,

  • 1 apple,

  • 1 tomato,

  • Salt and pepper.

This recipe is great for those who are daring and like to mix the flavors in a single dish.

Recipes to combine fruits with chicken – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Teriyaki chicken.

You only need to clean the tomatoes, carrot and apple. Cut the apples and tomato into large cubes, while the carrot should be cut into julienne strips. The chicken should also be cut into squares.

Take a pan with a little olive oil and fry the carrot, apple and tomatoes. In the same pan add the meat and brown the chicken cubes. Add a little honey and the teriyaki sauce. Rectify the salt and stir well and cook for a few more minutes. And that's it!

With these options you can have all the food you need in a single plate. Try to balance the amounts of fat you use so as not to overdo it and create an imbalance.

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it all depends on what you do. If there is a combination that you like, you can monopolize it in the amount of food that you should increase, if you want to eat a light meal like breakfast for lunch.

Go ahead and experiment in the kitchen and share with your loved ones the mixtures that you like the most with these recipes for combining fruits with chicken.