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Home remedies with Aloe vera for cough

Irene de Espinoza
4 min read
Home remedies with Aloe vera for cough – Health – WebMediums
Home remedies with aloe vera for cough.

In our home we can have plants that are perfect for natural medicine. One of them is aloe vera, and the many home remedies that are made with it for cough.

These plants cannot be missing from our homes because they are very useful in the winter season when colds, dry coughs and respiratory viruses spread easily in the population.

The magic of Aloe Vera and home remedies for cough

Its healing properties help eliminate infections and viruses present in the environment. It protects the immune system of the human being, works as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory for affections in the lungs and bronchi.

In addition to that, not only are home remedies made with aloe vera effective, but they are also cheaper. For this reason we have selected the best home remedies for cough discomfort.

Home remedies with Aloe vera for cough – Health – WebMediums
Aloe vera home remedies for cough.

Aloe vera with honey and lemon

This preparation is very popular to fight cough, characterized by a pleasant flavor that enchants adults and children, it is an excellent alternative to relieve cough and sore throat.

Its preparation is very simple, you just have to cut the aloe stalks, removing all the green rind, then you must wash the glass and leave it for a few minutes to drain and throw away the residue of the yellow substance called aloin.

Then we proceed to place the aloe vera in pieces, we take them to the blender, then add the juice of the 3 lemons and the cup of honey.

Home remedies with Aloe vera for cough – Health – WebMediums
Aloe vera honey and lemon.

Once the ingredients are mixed, transfer the content to a glass jar. Our grandmothers used to leave this remedy at rest for 3 days and three nights so that the ingredients intensify their properties and make it more effective.

Aloe vera, ginger and orange juice

Ideal for loosening mucus that can be located in the bronchi causing severe cough.

Start by grating the ginger, you can do it perfectly with a cheese grater that you have in your kitchen. Then add it to a pot and add the water, place over medium heat and wait for it to boil for about 5 minutes. Let stand and then strain leaving the grated ginger aside.

The truth is that we will only use ginger tea, on the other hand, begin to blend the previously washed aloe vera leaves with the cup of orange juice, until well blended.

Home remedies with Aloe vera for cough – Health – WebMediums
Recipe for severe cough.

Add the ginger tea and blend again for 1 minute, you can sweeten with a little honey or sugar if you wish. Place in a glass jar to drink 3 times a day for a couple of weeks.

Aloe vera, red onion and dried oregano

Recipe formulated to combat respiratory allergies, help decongest the nostrils and eliminate cough with phlegm.

Cut and carefully clean the aloe vera leaves, if possible, let them rest for several hours to release the yellow liquid. Then cut into squares and put them in a glass jar.

Then we cut the purple onion to also place them in the jar, as for the oregano leaves, they should be crushed a little and then put in the jar with the other ingredients.

Home remedies with Aloe vera for cough – Health – WebMediums
Ideal for cough with phlegm.

Once you have all the components of the recipe in the glass container, add a cup of water and close the jar very well to let it rest for 5 days so that the ingredients can dissolve.

You must take 2 times a day, one in the morning and one at night until you finish the bottle.

Aloe vera, Tua Tua leaves and lemon

This home remedy is very useful for people who are suffering from infections in the bronchi and lungs.

The perfect combination of aloe vera as a natural expectorant, tua tua leaves, which are one of the quintessential natural medicine antibiotics, and lemon, a source of vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.

After peeling and cleaning the 4 aloe vera leaves very well, cut them into small pieces and put them in a pot, add the lemon juice and the 8 previously crushed tua tua leaves.

Add the water and boil for about 10 minutes, after boiling the ingredients let stand and then strain the mixture. You can sweeten the liquid obtained with a little honey or sugar if you prefer.

This recipe is to be taken three times a day, remember that if it is ingested by children you must use a small teaspoon.