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Lemon balm for health: everything you need to know

Irene de Espinoza
4 min read
Lemon balm for health: everything you need to know – Health – WebMediums
There are many benefits that lemon balm brings to human health.

Lemon balm is a plant with a beautiful appearance and a deliciously refreshing aroma. The benefits of lemon balm for human health are many and really interesting.

His specialty is treating digestive discomfort, anxiety problems, or stress and contributing to treatments made with medicinal plants for the common cold.

What is lemon balm useful for in the body?: Find out here

It helps fight insomnia

Lemon balm acts as a calming agent; In this aspect, its leaves work as a great ally for people who cannot fall asleep easily.

For this reason, we recommend you drink a cup of lemon balm tea twice a day, so that you feel the relaxation effect and get ready to rest without any inconvenience.

Remember that many times the cause of insomnia comes from the behavior we take when facing the problems of daily life. We adopt an uncontrolled and anxious attitude that leads our body to enter stress levels that do not allow us to rest peacefully.

Lemon balm can be very helpful in channeling these emotions and alterations that our body goes through.

Decreases anxiety and stress levels

Lemon balm has a compound called rosmarinic, acting on the brain with a relaxing effect, so that you feel in a state of well-being and serenity.

It provides favorable contributions to reduce stress levels commonly caused by the anguish of personal problems that frequently afflict us: work, children, illnesses, an economic situation, among many other factors.

Mental stress must be reduced so as not to reach other major complications, that is why we recommend consuming lemon balm leaf tea in a relaxed environment.

relieves headache

Its analgesic and relaxing properties help fight unpleasant headaches.

The lemon balm plant favors the relaxation of the muscles, helps to relax the tension of the blood vessels that may be tense, in the same way it is excellent for releasing tension and ridding the body of toxins.

Lemon balm for health: everything you need to know – Health – WebMediums
Benefits of lemon balm for headaches.

Helps eliminate flatulence

If you frequently have discomfort after each meal and you get inflamed easily, lemon balm will be your best ally after consuming your meals.

Lemon balm tea helps relieve colic and heartburn that can be caused by the intake of some foods.

Helps fight fungi and bacteria

It is highly recommended to combat fungi and bacteria, its active components help regenerate skin tissues, providing a sensation of relief almost instantly after being applied.

It can also be used if you have rashes and allergies or even as an insect repellent, it is very beneficial.

Alzheimer's Treatment

Studies that have been carried out to determine the benefits of the lemon balm plant have proven that the contributions generated by the phenolic compounds of lemon balm help reduce the enzymes responsible for degrading neurotransmitters important for the good state of memory.

They verified that people who suffer from this disease when consuming lemon balm tea, have been noticed with a calm behavior and with more concentration and reasoning.

They manage to reduce the alterations caused by this disease that contributes to memory loss.

Lemon balm for health: everything you need to know – Health – WebMediums
Having lemon balm tea at home will always be very helpful.

Helps in the treatment of cold sores

The lemon balm plant helps eliminate cold sores, in addition to preventing them from multiplying.

Its benefits make the healing time shorter and you control the discomfort or itching that this type of condition can cause.

They quickly improve the appearance of herpes to prevent it from being red and burning in the lip area.

Helps relieve premenstrual symptoms

Its supplements help to improve the states of moodiness, anxiety, depression and nervousness that most women frequently present on or before menstruation days.

It also helps reduce menstrual cramps.

NOTE: For people who suffer from tension (Hypertensive) they should be very careful with the high consumption of this plant, since it has been proven that it can raise cardiac pressure.