New Advances in Ovarian Cancer Treatments

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There is new hope for those with ovarian cancer ; The latest studies carried out at the Clinic of the University of Navarra in Spain give very good news.


Until recently, the likelihood of life for people affected by ovarian cancer was very minimal. After the diagnosis only 30% managed to survive up to 5 years. However, this has been changing today.

National Cancer Institute

Current Studies on Ovarian Cancer

A new medical alternative was applied to 773 women with ovarian cancer in a high degree of advancement.

After the patient receives chemotherapy; He was given a couple of Niraparib pastes each morning for a period of 36 days. This drug makes it impossible for cancer cells to fix bad DNA.

Being able to observe a considerable reduction in the risk of suffering the disease again.

Drug function

It is a protein with which it is possible to fix the damages that the cells could present in the DNA; so it allows malignant cells to be destroyed. It is like a control button that, when used, interrupts the growth process of these malignant cells.

What has been confirmed?

Reduction in the risk of relapse of up to 40% of ovarian cancer. It is still too recent to conclude that it reduces mortality. Progress and results obtained are closely monitored. It works much better and offers better results in women who have inherited disorders that are related to a high degree of developing ovarian or breast cancer.


All the effort is put into being able to ensure that the existence of cancer cells is known in time so that the patient can have a better life expectancy.


Ovarian cancer is usually hereditary. For this reason, it is recommended that those who have family histories with this type of disease should be kept in constant control and follow up on any changes that may arise.


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