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Recommended foods to strengthen the brain

Ramiro Guzman
5 min read
Recommended foods to strengthen the brain – Health – WebMediums
Through a certain diet it is possible to fortify the functioning of the brain in general

There are recommended foods to strengthen the brain that are effective for its proper functioning. With them, not only a good nutritional method is achieved, but also the obtaining of nutrients and vitamins.

Today's article puts together an essential list of those products that promote superior well-being. They are not difficult to obtain and, following them to the letter, the benefits will be vast.

Top of the best foods that guarantee good brain health

A variety of nutrition studies have confirmed the truth of the matter. In total, there are 6 foods that make up a key scenario to fortify the brain field.

Therefore, they are a direct advantage for the physical, psychological and cognitive component of the human being.

Vegetables, especially green leafy ones

Vegetables are part of any main dish and the basis of a balanced diet rich in nutrients. Many of the latter are used by the brain to carry out its intrinsic functions.

Among the most outstanding, kale, spinach, arugula, cabbage or chard are highlighted. Each and every one of them is similar in that they are primary sources of fiber, folate, and vitamins like C or A.

At the same time, the vegetables of this class are very versatile, economical and in constant production.

They can be prepared in a wide range of options, not necessarily in the typical salad. For example, special soups, stews, stir-fries, or shakes that enhance or hide their flavor.

Fruits as a complement to vegetables

By themselves, fruits are the ideal complement to the consumption of vegetables in most recipes.

They are healthy sources of carbohydrates, especially glucose. As a result, they provide energy and kilocalories essential for human daily life.

Recommended foods to strengthen the brain – Health – WebMediums
Incorporating fruits into the diet is also effective for good mental nutrition

Glucose is one of the main substrates used by the brain for its performance. The simpler it is obtained through this type of diet, the better the long-term results. Not to mention that they also supply adequate percentages of vitamins and minerals.

Studies in nutritional psychology have also shown that the more colorful the fruits, the greater their influence.

Some like blueberries, bananas, strawberries, grapes, among others, are special against inflammatory processes; for memory; the dream; and the spirit.

food from the ocean

Products or foods from the ocean ( seafood, in English) occupy a preferential position in these diets. Fish and shellfish are definitely characterized by providing great amounts of omega-3, a long-chain fatty acid.

From a biochemical point of view, it is another substrate close to the brain to facilitate its qualities and properties. As if that were not enough, these types of dishes or recipes based on maritime food, include other nutritional implements.

Starting from vitamin B12, going through selenium, iron and zinc together with proteins, are some of those that can be mentioned. Best of all, you can be flexible, choosing between sardines, oysters, salmon, cod, chia seeds, flax or sea vegetables.

legumes in variety

Legumes are a rich source of vegetable protein without the need to resort to meat products. The indications state that it is advisable to eat between half a cup of them to meet the daily caloric requirements.

Speaking of kilocalories, they provide excellent amounts of them for every 100 grams consumed.

Together with the ideal percentage of proteins, they promote antioxidants, vitamins and other large-scale nutritional complexes.

To stand out, and although they are not exactly legumes, nuts are not left behind. They describe a role similar to the first mentioned, with almonds, walnuts and pumpkin being good options to consider.

Spices also have a place in the theme

Novel clinical trials in psychological nutrition concluded a good degree of approval of spices for the brain. Together with its direct relationship in the emancipation of inflation or the balance of the intestinal microbiota, its cognitive improvement is incorporated.

Recommended foods to strengthen the brain – Health – WebMediums
Turmeric itself stands out for its beneficial properties for the cognitive apparatus of the brain

It means that some spices like turmeric, especially along with cinnamon, rosemary and ginger, act at the level of memory. Beyond giving recipes a unique flavor, they are now known to overtly participate in processes of cognition, attention, and concentration.

In the same way, through certain culinary techniques, the maximum bioavailability of each of them is reached. When conjugated with pepper, in roasts or stews, it was found that they are better absorbed by the intestine as such.

Pastry or dark chocolate

Diversity of academies and nutritional organizations have postulated the efficiency of dark chocolate against depression. Common mental disorders take a backseat in up to 70% of cases in people who regularly eat this ingredient.

However, it is clear that it is a unique quality of the chocolate in question. Those highly processed with milk and other complex sugars tend to be addictive, underlain by chronic metabolic problems.

At the same time, ultra-processed chocolates are not as rich in essential antioxidants. These organic compounds are required to preserve normal memory function and everything that is within the cognitive field.