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Turmeric Benefits

Irene de Espinoza
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Turmeric powder or the root itself gives us unique benefits when it comes to natural medicine.

Turmeric Benefits – Health – WebMediums
Benefits of turmeric powder for the family.

The golden dust of India blesses us in a gastronomic and medicinal way; We show you the best benefits of turmeric so that you never stop having it at home.

The first thing you will notice is that it is a root with an imposing aroma and a charming color. In some cases, when grated it can turn yellowish, while when cooked its color becomes a very strong orange.

Turmeric Properties

Turmeric is par excellence a natural antioxidant, which is why many associate it with the ellipsis of rejuvenation. However, it is only about its composition of curcuminoids, the main element for medicinal effects.

Additionally, it has volatile oils, proteins, resins, and sugars. In addition, it is also rich in dietary fiber, vitamins C, E, and K, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Turmeric Benefits – Health – WebMediums
One of the best options used as anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of turmeric as a natural antidepressant

Turmeric stimulates the nervous system, used as a natural medicine for depression and anxiety problems.

It is considered that its consumption not only activates the nervous system, but also strengthens the immune system and produces a positive mood change in people.

It is also widely used to lower stress levels, this is due to the production of serotonin. Substance that is responsible for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Turmeric Benefits – Health – WebMediums
You can prepare it by cooking a little in your favorite foods or in a cup of tea.

Benefits of ground turmeric for osteoarthritis and high cholesterol

Continuing research has proven that its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent aid for people suffering from osteoarthritis and high cholesterol.

For many, turmeric is known as the ibuprofen of natural medicine, thanks to the fact that it maintains the body without any type of inflammation. In the face of arthritis and osteoarthritis, it is an excellent ally of the patient.

Turmeric Benefits – Health – WebMediums
One of the best natural remedies for arthritis and osteoarthritis.

To lower high cholesterol, you just have to place a piece of root in a pot of boiling water, leave it for about 5 more minutes and then strain it. You can drink between 2 and 3 cups daily to achieve the desired effects.

Turmeric helps cleanse the blood

This effect has been used on multiple occasions and is that turmeric is a powerful natural cleanser. It helps in increasing the flow of bile and rejuvenates the cells of this very organ.

Many take it for long periods of time to help improve the functioning of the liver giving it a better state of health.

Goodbye to memory problems with turmeric

One of the benefits that many elderly people tend to highlight. Turmeric acts as a natural medicine for people suffering from mild memory loss.

Some studies have verified the stability and reception of information in them, plus an excellent state of mind on the part of the patients who consume it.

Everything in excess is bad

It is proven that turmeric should not be ingested for prolonged periods, that is, you can maintain a treatment for 15 days, then stop for 15 more days and then start again.

Consuming turmeric every day can cause nausea, stomach upset, among other alterations. We can consume it with caution and enjoy its incredible benefits.

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Beneficios de la cúrcuma
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