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Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important?

Say hello to 2022 with the best SEO and SEM positioning strategies

Irene de Espinoza
6 min read
Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings
Create and optimize content in the best way

SEO is all those tools, strategies and skills that we implement to obtain "search engine optimization".

To position a web page, a personal blog or an information platform, you need to know what people are looking for and why they are looking for it.

Google evaluates your content and determines if it is consistent with what is being searched for.

On the other hand, tools such as these are also functional with SEM.

The SEM is used to get us a main article related to what we are looking for, be it a brand, product, company and / or even services, at the beginning of the page of our search engine better known as “Google”.

Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings
Beware of Google's evaluation

Learn SEO and grow in positioning

The SEO function is a very interesting commitment for those who want to get visits to their website. Visits can benefit us in different ways: increase your website traffic, get your page affiliated for monetization, or perhaps be number 1 in informative content.

It consists of having a completely optimized content. That is, if your website talks about technology, you should work with positioning tools that help you confirm which are the most important searches related to technology.

Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings
SEO for the best place in the search engine

Following this order of ideas, we put together a content that answers your questions without detours. Remember that Google EVALUATES the content and determines if it responds effectively to the concerns of users.

Tools that can help your positioning

As we are referring to content, we consider tools that make it easier for us to search for keywords.

Following the example of technology, we go from the macro to the micro, we would look for technology trends in 2021 (only if that is the case). According to the answers they give, we will have important keywords to lay out an article and develop it.

The tools can be free, some of them come with limited searches, to lead users to cancel subscription packages.

We can recommend:

  • Neil Patel: Keyword Searches, Title Ideas, and Full Page Analysis

  • Answerthepublic: Searches for questions related to your website and variations, ideal for generating titles and subtitles

  • Keyword Planne r: Keyword searches and title ideas. Most show the volume of monthly searches that the main keyword can have.

Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings
What are people looking for?

What else influences good SEO?

Really everything that has to do with your website influences the positioning.

Good images without distortion and free of copyright, tags, good selection of categories, content distribution, incoming and outgoing links, meta description, the slug, and of course the loading speed and design that your page can have.

It may look a bit cumbersome, but trust me once you do the first page and search for optimization, the rest will wait on its own.

What does SEO need to be able to run?

If you are taking your first steps, I invite you to draft what you really want, what will your website be about? And what do you want to achieve with it? To improve SEO quality, I invite you to use the exposed tools and work with a CMS like WordPress. This is one of the easiest to use and most sought after in creating web pages.

Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings
Exclusive designs for each niche

WordPress provides you with tools that optimize your content, it has a huge variety of free and paid templates, you can count on plugins to improve the visibility of your website.

Another tool that you must incorporate to improve the SEO of your website is Google Analytics, this measures the activity and interactions within the site, also Google Search Console to validate the problems that your website has and how you should improve it.

Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings
Always evaluate your website

Finally, another important support was the use of Google Trends, it shows trends of repetitive searches related to your website. You can create content through the results obtained.

Difference between SEO and SEM

This has been controversial for a long time and even more so for those who want to top the list of the top 10 to be trending or take the place of the first page of Google.

The SEM is the interaction of the user and their clicks are the source of income, we are talking about paid advertising that companies use to position themselves. Although SEM can perfectly work with SEO, both are very different.

In the SEM, companies allocate monetary investment to appear on the first page of Google, they are payments like the ads that usually appear to us. Despite having good content, they are there for the payment method.

Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings
Investment for positioning

In SEO, positioning is achieved by effort, layout, design, and time invested to improve the quality of your website. Perhaps the monetary investment is not in great terms, but if a minimum is required for the payment of hosting and domain, in addition to extra plugins or paid search tools.

Does SEO have other methods for its use?

There are ways in which SEO can work, one of them is known as: "White Seo", it is known as the legal way of using this programming, since it does not break the rules of different browsers in the main one, Google.

Every white person needs a black person, which is why it is also known as: “Black SEO”, which is the complete opposite of white, what would be the way to break the laws and modify the programming of the browsers to the liking of the person.

SEM and SEO, the best strategies together

SEM and SEO is the best way to integrate effective advertising with high-quality content. It is true that they have differences that are not so easily seen, but both are necessary to establish the bond that is needed and more so for those who urgently need to provide themselves with traffic.

Difference between SEO and SEM Why are both important? – Marketings

Both have a great difference in operation, however, they can be used to catapult an insignificant idea into content that can reach many people and earn money for knowing how to use these strategies that are essential in the digital age.