8 tricks to sleep a baby

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The arrival of a baby is something that excites everyone in the home, not just the parents; Uncles, grandparents, all close relatives and friends get excited, everyone wants to carry it, make him laugh and teach him many things.

But when it's time to sleep, it's almost always dad and mom who have to learn that babies, for their stage of learning, curiosity and the way in which everything they are learning from the world dazzles them.

8 tricks to sleep a baby – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

They spend a lot of time active and even to sleep them you have to know how to calm them down.

For this, we have you the best 8 tricks to sleep a baby. if you have a small child, this short list will be very useful.

Trick #1 Nap routine

This point is very important and that is why we mentioned it in the first place. When you have a baby for months, the parents have to try to control the routine of naps of the child and that, at least once a day has a nap fixed at a certain time.

This routine should be maintained even until 4 or 5 years of age, it helps to create in the child the habit of correct rest. A night nap and one in the day contributes to the good development of the infants.

Trick #2 Soft music (or sing to him)

As for soft music, it does not necessarily have to be classical music but there are beautiful melodies by Bach or Mozar, Vivaldi, which are highly recommended and usually give good results to relax the baby.

The crux of the matter is that they are always the same melodies, you can build your own CD, either classical music or children's songs to sleep, with 6 or 7 songs, the child gets used to and barely listens to them, relates them to the moment of the siesta, the brain does the rest.

On the other hand, that the father or mother sing or tell a story to your baby since childhood has an even more complex and effective effect, the child must already recognize those voices and feel protected, more if it is the voice of the mother Singing from the baby's belly helps the child recognize the voice and melody.

8 tricks to sleep a baby – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Trick #3 Do daily activities

An active child is a child who will need rest. In addition, babies need to play, they need to learn, to walk objects.

That is why it is recommended to buy toys of different colors, balls, they will be differentiated even if they do not know names of colors or shapes of the objects, everything that in the day allows them to learn and develop well, also helps when the time of nap arrives day or night, rest without problems.

Trick #4 Give them a massage

This must be taken with care, especially if they are very small babies, their bones are forming and are very sensitive to touch, but a delicate massage serves to help them relax, in addition to strengthening the bond with the father and mother.

Trick #5 Put programs or videos for children on TV

Needless to say that it is not recommended at all to have TV as a fixed element in the upbringing of children, we should not take it as a tool for mom and dad to gain time since this habit persists and children up to 5, 6, 8, 10 years have to the television by nanny. Do not.

But occasionally, place a 15 minute video or children's programs for babies of their age will also help them to know better things around them, after all, TV is part of the world.

Trick #6 A walk before sleep

Whether it's in the baby's stroller, in your vehicle or in the car carrier, which allows you to withdraw the inferring part and load your child while you're walking, rocking him (and properly attached), a walk allows the child to look at things around him, to be distracted and learn from the world, all this leaves you exhausted.

It's amazing how much information is processed by children at that age.

Caution should be exercised, since children of a few months can not walk at certain times of the night due to the cold, but can walk inside the home so that he / she feels that he / she walks and even then falls asleep more easily.

8 tricks to sleep a baby – Mothers And Babies – WebMediums

Trick #7 Place the pacifier

Some children fall asleep with the pacifier, because it reminds them of the act of breastfeeding and they immediately begin to suck and relax, as when they are next to their mother's breast.

But nevertheless, it is not recommended to maintain this practice in time since then the boys do not want to leave the pacifier and it can be a problem.

Trick 8 A bath with warm water

In fact, this can also enter the routine, giving them a bath with warm water before sleeping helps the body relax, somehow your whole system & quot; put your guard down & quot;, especially after weeks have passed giving a warm bath to immediately go to nap.

Remember the first trick of this top, create a routine, in it is the key.

I leave this video of Music for Sleeping Babies with Soft Sound of the Sea.