Tricks to quickly put on makeup

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At present, everything is speed, and we never know when we must be in a certain place or carry out an activity, sometimes we do not have time to get ready, or in the case of women to put on makeup, and we must run with a few minutes to touch up. These quick makeup tricks will save you one of these days.

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The first thing is to make sure that your face is completely dry, there is no more fatal mistake than putting on makeup on a sweaty or damp face, so you should dry yourself with a handkerchief or if possible, with special tissues.

Forget about concealers or eyeliners, first use blush to define the face and cover some imperfections, then gently comb your brows and make sure they are defined. Use some light shadows, it is easier to go from light to dark shadows than the opposite, remember that you are in a hurry.

Some women learn to curl and make-up their eyelashes over time, but if you do not have practice, do not try it because eyelash stains on the eyelids are common in women with little time to make up.

Finally, it is time for your lips, in this try a perfect outline and light lipsticks or especially red tones, since they match any outfit. If you have time, check your eyes again and see if they match your lips.

Sometimes we have time to go to the bathroom to touch up or analyze our activities. Do not try to be half made up or half retouched, if you decide to make up it should be by touching each part of your face and with appropriate tones, we know that you are equipped you only need time and coordination.

We know that if you are in a hurry it is likely that you are not reading our article, so our main Trick to make up quickly is that in these moments you analyze your makeup portfolio and ask yourself if you are prepared for an emergency or if you have a lot of unnecessary makeup, like the one we use for casual parties.

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