Demi Lovato will be with Will Ferrel in the new Netflix film "Eurovision"

 Jender Milano
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It was the actor and comedian Will Ferrel himself who announced the news of Lovato's participation in the film. The young artist who, with ups and downs, can be considered a successful star, someone who fought for her dreams and has come far, plays in the film a young woman on the same path to achieving fame and success in the world of singing.

Demi Lovato will play a young dreamer from Iceland named Katiana, who comes to the well-known singing contest with a dream in her head and a thousand difficulties to face. In the little Will Ferrer has given us, he assures that the actors have complemented each other very well, and it will be a quality work.

Demi Lovato will be with Will Ferrel in the new Netflix film "Eurovision"

There is no doubt that Demi's talent, along with the spark of Will Ferrer and the experience of other actors such as Pierre Brosnan and Rachel McAdams will bring us a movie to enjoy to the fullest.

The oldest television and program festival in the world

The origin, history and trajectory of the Eurovisión festival will transform it into one of the most interesting programs of its kind that can be seen today. Demi Lovato will be part of a film that is both entertainment, a kind of tribute to an idea that emerged in the years after World War II and that sought to unite the countries that were affected by recent events with something so universal like music.

The Eurovision format was expanded, and today it has hundreds of millions of viewers, managing to drive many famous singers from its stages today.

Formally instituted as an annual broadcast program / festival since 1956, the spirit of Eurovision is to unite peoples more than just create a singing contest, hence the importance of the role of Demi Lovato, a young Icelandic woman who dreams of being famous, look at this program your great opportunity, your door to success.

The great Eurovision festival is always carried out rotating from the host country, due to its importance it is normal that many countries want to participate since actually the selection and participation, elimination / classification is done by countries. Only 4 countries are classified directly, and it is a right that they have earned for being the ones who have contributed the most since the beginning of Eurovision to make the festival possible and these are the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany.

What will be the host country for the NETFLIX Eurovision film?

They are doubts of interest that keep the public attentive, all this is projected positively for the country, and it is not clear yet if the girl from Iceland played by Demi Lovato will succeed (on behalf of her country) in the competition. In real life Iceland joined the festival in 1986, so some old story near the beginning of the contest is ruled out, and we will certainly have a modern storyline with beloved Disney girl, Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato will be with Will Ferrel in the new Netflix film "Eurovision"