J. J. Abrams close to closing a million dollar deal with WarnerMedia

Jesús Tremont
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The creator of the film company Bad Robot J.J. Abrams is apparently very close to closing a deal for nothing more and nothing less than $ 500 million dollars with the giant WarnerMedia.

J. J. Abrams close to closing a million dollar deal with WarnerMedia
J.J. Abrams with the peculiar mascot robot of the producer Bad Robot.

Bad Robot Productions or simply Bad Robot, is an independent film production company founded by J.J. Abrams in the United States the year 1998 and is one of the producers of series like Lost, Westworld, Almost Human, Alcatraz, Believe and of films like The Cloverfield Paradox, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Star Trek: Beyond, Star Wars: Episode VIII and Many other movies and series of renown.

Apple, NBC, WarnerMedia and other giants were fighting to be chosen by J.J. Abrams and thus secure content for their platforms. The acclaimed director, writer and producer would have ended up deciding this Monday for WarnerMedia, a study with which he would have signed a multi-million dollar agreement of $ 500 million.

Thanks to this contract J.J. Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath will have Bad Robot start bringing content to the WarnerMedia platforms by early 2020. The contract allows J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot to accept any type of production from another studio, although this is a rival studio of WarnerMedia. although we know the figure, we do not know the duration of this contract but it is sure to be for several years.


The world of online streaming is in full growth (you only need to know Netflix to realize) and this is changing the environment in the world of cinematography. Many companies are looking for exclusive content for their streaming platforms and this is reflected in examples such as the contract signed by Shonda Rimes, creator of Gray's Anatomy with Netflix and Ryan Murphy, who also signed with Netflix two series (American Horror Story and Pose) for $ 300 million dollars.

Last year WarnerMedia would have also obtained the signature of Greg Berlanti, producer of series like The Flash and Riverdale in another million dollar contract for $ 300 million dollars.

J. J. Abrams close to closing a million dollar deal with WarnerMedia
Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, a film produced by Bad Robot.

It was in 2006 the last time that several giants fought over the company of J.J. Adams, where he was offered contracts of $ 55 or $ 65 million dollars, which at the time was a stratospheric figure, by then Bad Robot produced very successful series such as Lost and Alias.

The growth of Bad Robot Productions

With the passing of the years Bad Robot has become one of the giant producers of cinema and it is obvious that the largest studios are fighting over their services, currently the producer has 50 films and series that are being produced or are on the way to take place.

As we call "Space Race" "to the period where Russia and the United States were fighting to see who was better at launching rockets and doing missions that lacked utility, we can call this period "Study Career" "because every day there are more and more billionaire contracts signed by producers to make exclusive content to giant film studios that want to ensure good narratives for their platforms. what do you think? Do you think it's good that contracts of so much money are part of the film world? o Do you think the cinema got out of hand?