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The best streaming premieres arriving from April 25 to May 1

Luis Rafael
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The best streaming premieres arriving from April 25 to May 1
The best streaming premieres arriving from April 25 to May 1

The month of April has been full of great premieres of series, movies and docuseries that have marked the debut of long-awaited titles, leaving millions of viewers shocked.

In addition, this week the big streaming platforms have a new program of multimedia content.

Every week the companies in the streaming industry publish original series and movies and the renewals of new seasons progressively every day. Therefore, we must take into account when is the premiere date of our favorite productions to enjoy them during our free time.

The 7 best streaming series and movies premiering this week

Next, we are going to announce the best streaming premieres that arrive this week of April 25 to May 1. For all subscribers to set the reminder on the 'Filmin', 'Amazon Prime Video', Disney+ and 'Movistar+' platforms.

1. 'Undone' season 2

The Amazon Prime Video original series has been one of the most anticipated productions of the month of April, being the best animated series of 2019 after its first installment. ' Undone ' is created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy of fiction, is classified as a drama and fantasy intended for adult audiences.

A story that tells the life of 'Alma', a woman who suffered a ruthless traffic accident, and as a result of that she discovered that she had a new ability that made her control time.

As time passed, he began to get used to the aftermath of his accident and began to use his ability to his advantage to correct his big problems and solve personal issues.

However, while this is happening, she is trying to understand the world in which she lives and begins to understand the great problems of the people around her. The premiere of the second season of ' Undone ' will arrive from April 26, 2022 on Amazon Prime video.

2. 'Losi, the repentant spy'

'Losi, the repentant spy' is a dramatic series created by the Argentine showrunner Daniel Burman, it is based on the homonymous novel by 'Horacio Lutzky' and 'Miriam Lewin'. It is produced by Prime Video, which talks about one of the most well-known terrorist cases in Argentina.

The plot recounts the experiences of 'Losi', one of the most recognized federal intelligence agents of the Argentine police.

The protagonist will have to fulfill one of the most dangerous missions of all, since, after two terrorist attacks, he was ordered to infiltrate Jewish territory to collect information about his next assault.

The premiere of the first season is scheduled for April 29, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

3. 'Make Me Fly'

This is the title of the most anticipated French film of April, 'Make me Fly' was created by the screenwriter 'Agustín Díaz Yanes'. It is about a comedy, drama and fiction that tells the life of a young man named Thomas, who lives his life by partying every weekend and sleeping most of the time.

Thomas's father began to get upset about the situation and decides to leave him in charge of one of his patients from his consultation center. It is about a 12-year-old boy who suffers from a complicated disease and is low-income, with the passing of time the friendship between the two will begin to nurture their lives and change them forever.

The premiere of the new Amazon Prime Video movie will arrive on the content portal from April 28, 2022.

4. 'The First Lady'

' The First Lady ' has been one of the most requested deliveries in the world of streaming, it is an anthology created by the showrunner 'Aaron Coley'. It is a production that will present its first season on Movistar+ and will talk about the story of one of the most important 'First Ladies' of all.

It tells the stories that emerge behind the East Wing of the White House, where the power and command of the presidency of the United States resides.

The real jobs carried out by the first ladies and how important they are for the nation's government are recounted.

' The First Lady ' teaches the history of the United States, but from a totally feminist perspective that has never been seen before in the media. It tells different stories of the most recent first ladies of (USA).

The premiere of the first season will be available from April 28, 2022 on Movistar +.

5. 'Venom 2: Carnage'

The second part of the alien symbiote film reaches the world of streaming, the film is directed by Andy Serkis and stars 'Tom Hardy', 'Woody Harrelson' and 'Michelle Williams'.

This new tape will mark the return of 'Venom' alongside 'Carnage', the bloodiest enemy in the 'Spider-Man' universe.

The plot follows the life of 'Eddie Brock' along with his symbiote 'Venom', the journalist will again make an alliance with Venom to deal with one of the most dangerous adversaries of all.

After the invasion of the created alien race led by Cletus Cassady, better known as 'Carnage', it will mark the beginning of the great fight between 'Father and son'.

The Marvel movie will be arriving on the Movistar + platform from April 27, 2022.

6. 'Sing 2'

The musical ' Sing 2 ' will continue the story of the koala Buster Moon who always dreamed of creating one of the best talent shows on television. The film was created and directed by showrunner 'Garth Jennings', and the cast is led by Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson.

In this new story, 'Buster Moon' will host the most successful talent show of all, featuring new debut artists who will make the media explode with songs and choreography on Broadway. In addition, the koala will have to complete a large amount of spectators so as not to go bankrupt.

The premiere of the animated film will reach the world of streaming from April 25, 2022 through the ' Filmin ' platform.

7. 'The Big Leap: The Great Leap'

This is the new comedy, drama and musical series created by showrunner 'Liz Heldens', ' The Big Leap ' features performances by 'Scott Foley', 'Simone Recasner' and 'Ser'Darius Blain' in the official distribution. This season has marked one of the most anticipated premieres on Disney +, it will have 10 45-minute episodes.

The plot recounts the lives of very distinctive young people who have had very little luck in their working lives. For this reason, they decide to try their luck in a dance reality show that is inspired by the play 'El Lago de los Cisnes'. However, the program can also ruin their lives if they don't do things to the letter.

The premiere of the first season of " The Big Leap: The Big Leap " will be coming to the Disney + platform from April 27, 2022 in the original content catalog.