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The famous Youtuber Mr. Beast recreated the scenarios of "The Squid Game"

Luis Rafael
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Obviously "Mr. Beast" is one of the most influential youtubers on the entire platform; He has stood out for his incredible videos that demonstrate his humility and the way in which he likes to help people by offering them his money.

The last video that he published was about the recreation of "The Squid Game" the series No. 1 of Netflix, which will include 456 participants who will win a fairly large prize.

This is how the acclaimed 'youtuber' Mr. Beast presents the video that is causing a real chaos on YouTube since its publication on November 24.

The famous Youtuber Mr. Beast recreated the scenarios of "The Squid Game"
The famous Youtuber Mr. Beast recreated the scenarios of "The Squid Game"

The audiovisual recreation of "The Squid Game" is a trend on YouTube

Just a couple of hours after its publication on the YouTube channel, the expected genuine version of "The Squid Game" already had more than 10 million views and a huge number of comments praising the incredible work of Mr. Beast.

This project was carried out 2 days ago, and in it, you can see the wonderful recreation of the series. To date, it has more than 54 million visits on its official channel, a figure that continues to increase and has made it the number 1 trend on YouTube Spain in a short time.

A couple of weeks ago, the well-known digital content creator took it upon himself to create his own squid game.

This non-English-speaking series has become the most watched new fiction in the entire history of the streaming platform.

The Youtuber showed a tweet where you can see the scenarios of the games

The famous Youtuber Mr. Beast recreated the scenarios of "The Squid Game"
Mr. Beast showed a tweet where you can see the scenes of the games

The result, as can be seen in a part of the small previews of the tweet with which Mr. Beast declared the start of the game, could not be more reliable. To such an extent that it could have impressed "Hwang Dong-hyuk" himself, the South Korean producer behind the hit Netflix series.

As the 'YouTuber' guarantees from the anteroom, each scenario that makes up the recreation inspired by the Netflix series have been carefully created and repeat the firsts as if it were a mirror.

In them, the 456 true competitors have faced each of the remarkable tests that made up the first game, with only one significant change that will be "the last test".

The budget to recreate the scenarios

This was a great, high-scope project in which he has had a financial plan of 3.5 million dollars and a significant “Brawl Stars” sponsorship facilitated by Supercell.

Thanks to this immense investment, all the recreation of the places of "The Squid Game" has been carried out in a genuine and authentic way, as well as the main prize of 456,000 dollars for the champion and the rest of the prizes that have been proposed the contestants at various stages of the game.

Throughout the reproduction of the game, Mr. Beast has been sharing the advance and some photos in his different social networks; in any case, "sorry" for the shipwreck in which he had gotten himself, and that he claimed that he could not pay.

The game is completely safe and everyone is healthy

In the Mr. Beast Squid Game, no one has experienced any risk. Each of the tests has been dedicated to the game.

However, the competitive environment has gained in importance and all games have been completed with extraordinary security measures, making it impossible for any of the applicants to experience any physical damage.

As the tests progressed, as in the Netflix series, the competitors were eliminated; and surprisingly he also created the bunk room to recount the survivors, who in any case could continue to compete.