The new agent 007 will be a black woman in the film Bond 25

Cristian García
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According to internal sources of the portal Daily Mail, it has been confirmed that the new Bond 007 it will be a black woman. In this way, this mythical character could be replaced by this new member who seeks to bring diversity to the world of James Bond.

The new agent 007 will be a black woman in the film Bond 25 – Movie News
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The actress Lashana Lynch will be in charge of personifying the new agent 007, when James Bond (Daniel Craig) he decides to retire from the secret service to spend the rest of his life on the island of Jamaica. Even so, Bond must engage in what would be his last mission before this new agent proceeds to replace him.

According to the Daily Mail source, all the scene that confirms Lashana Lynch as the new agent 007 is given at the beginning of Bond 25:

There is a key scene at the beginning of the movie in which M says' Enter 007, and the one that appears is Lashana Lynch, who is a black and beautiful woman. It's one of those moments when you drop your popcorn. Bond is still Bond, but he's been replaced as 007.

All this information confirms that Lashana Lynch could be the new agent 007 of the following films from the James Bond universe, although this information has not yet been confirmed by its director or by its commissioned study.

It seems that this agent 007 will play an important role in the film and will be extremely connected to the protagonist of Bond 25. All this according to statements from the internal source:

Of course, Bond feels sexually attracted to the new 007 and tries his usual seduction tricks, but he feels disconcerted when he sees that they do not work with a bright, young woman who basically rolls her eyes to show her that she has no interest in get his bed. Well, at least at first.

Another factor that has been highlighted is that of mark greater empowerio of women in the films of James Bond. This way, the term Bond girl once and for all, resulting in something disqualifying, and will be replaced by the Bond woman.

The identity of the new Bond in the new films of agent 007 has not yet been confirmed, knowing that Daniel Craig would leave this saga after so many years playing James Bond in them.

Bond 25 is expected to reach the movie theaters april 8, 2020. This will be the last chapter of Craig as James Bond and will feature the participation of actors such as Rami Malek, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Rory Kinnear.

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