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WINNER singer Mino to make big movie appearance with Netflix film Seoul Vibe

Luis Rafael
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K-pop artist Song Mino had his first acting performance in 2012. Go Kyung Pyo and Yoo Ah In will also be among the main artists that make up the cast of the new Netflix movie.

He will bring his skill to the big screen. The famous rapper of the band WINNER Song Mino will make his appearance as a film actor alongside Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, and more stars. "Seoul Vibe" will be the name of the upcoming Netflix movie.

It is the adventure that denotes a new beginning for the K-pop icon, this has been one of the most relevant professional projects of the artist so far. Something that has him very excited and eager to continue acting.

On November 10, Netflix agents claimed Mino's screening of "Seoul Vibe". Beforehand, Korean media had informally detailed the rapper's and producer's interest in this new film.

WINNER singer Mino to make big movie appearance with Netflix film Seoul Vibe
WINNER singer Mino to make big movie appearance with Netflix film Seoul Vibe

What will Seoul Vibe be about?

This new filming in the streaming world is set to become the next blockbuster in the action movie genre, with a spending plan of 20 billion won, which is between $17 million doing the currency exchange.

The new film “Seoul Vibe” will be set in 1988 and will follow the story of a high-level group, known as the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, which is sent at the start of the Seoul Olympics to explore illegal VIP reservations.

In order to bring out all the illegal suspicions that existed at the time and get the origin of all the money behind the mafia of that year's games, later on we will see all the adventures that the protagonists will have to go through.

This is an action movie that will be released soon in South Korea and will then be published on the Netflix platform so that everyone can have access to it.

Who will be part of the cast of the famous movie?

Certainly one of the most acclaimed and well-known artists in the film is the famous singer Song Mino, but this does not mean that he is the only well-known celebrity in the K-pop world to make an appearance on the “Seoul Vibe”.

The cast of the action film will be distributed among: Ong Seong, Wu Yoo Ah In, Kim Sung Kyun, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Park Joo Hyun, Jung Woong In, Song Mino, and others will star in the film.

They will also publish who the other members of the cast will be when the producer announces his next premiere.

About Mino's beginnings as a film actor

Song Mino's first acting job was in “K-POP: a definitive tryout,” an inspired by a youth musical and comedy about artists that featured true celebrities like ZE: A individual, U-KISS, and Mblaq.

At the time he was acting in the film, the famous actor had not started out as a member of WINNER, but later he won the script for the character "Park Ki Bum".