5-year-old autistic boy is denounced for sexual harassment for hugging his friends in class

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A school in the United States reported to the family that their son would be withdrawn due to sexual harassment. The minor who suffers from autism, was reported after he hugged his classmates and gave a kiss on the cheek.

The child has had several calls for attention for invading the personal spaces of others. However, this time he was officially accused of sexual harassment of his kindergarten classmates.

5-year-old autistic boy is denounced for sexual harassment for hugging his friends in class
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The teacher affirms that the child must begin to understand the limits he has in front of other classmates. However, his legal guardian assures that he is a child with autism who does not understand these basic rules of behavior.

The boy with autism is now on a list of Tennessee sex offenders in the United States.

For their part, the minor's family and legal guardian assured that the child is in constant training and personal training. They claim that he only wants to make friends and that his behavior is involuntary.

Of course, they asked the school to help in the process that is even clinically supported, remembering that giving hugs and kisses by a 5-year-old child should be considered normal. However, they assured that respect for the privacy of others is one of the topics that therapists work the most.

Now the controversy lies in whether the child under 5 should belong to the list shared by sexual predators and accused of rape or sexual harassment. He shares the same list as many criminals, despite the fact that his autistic condition and being only 5 years old, does not allow him to understand even the word sex.

Now the debate is growing after the school did not withdraw the complaint and remains firm in the behavior of Natham, the 5-year-old boy accused of sexual harassment.