Al Baghdadi is alive and will reappear in the future: Assad

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The Syrian government does not believe the whole story of the operation carried out by the United States where it killed Al Baghdadi, the top head of the Islamic State. He recalled that the Osama bin Laden case was also hidden and that bin Laden had died months after 9/11.

Al Baghdadi is alive and will reappear in the future: Assad – News

"We do not really know if this operation actually took place or not" were the words of Bashar al-Assad. Although initially in a statement from the White House he thanked Syria for support, its president says he does not know the details of the operation, and they found out after the television media published it.

In addition, the Syrian president ensures that the air movements carried out by the United States were not recorded on its radars. What is translated as a serious montage or publication of a video of some previous operation.

If they are going to use different pretexts for not showing the remains, let's remember how President Saddam Hussein was captured and how the entire operation was shown from A to Z; including photos and videos after he was captured, assured the president when wondering where the body of Al Baghdadi, the maximum head of the Islamic State, is. (…) Al Baghdadi will reappear under a different name, as a different individual or the Islamic State as a whole will be able to reproduce when necessary under a different name but with the same thought and purpose.