China is a threat to the world: Donald Trump

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In the last hours Donald Trump diplomatically attacked China again, considering it a threat to the world. The reasons are based on the military strengthening that the Asian giant is having and that is worrying the United States militarily.

China is a threat to the world: Donald Trump – News – WebMediums
Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the trade war

Donald Trump referred to China "Obviously, China is a threat to the world, in a sense, because they are building their armed forces faster than anyone else." He also added that the money they are using to strengthen themselves militarily is American, remembering that the previous leaders allowed China to raise 500,000 million dollars a year without doing anything to stop them.

However, and as is usual in Trump's interventions, I assure that they are making progress in the dialogues to restore the economic situation, emphasizing that the United States now receives billions of dollars as a result of the new tariffs on Chinese imports.

China for its part has not spoken out on these accusations, but it would not be the first time that Trump has lashed out at the Asian giant. This trade situation has devalued world currencies, restricting trade access to more than 300 million Americans with high purchasing habits.

Each new study of global economic growth is more disheartening than the last. Now the oil blow has made many in the market nervous and the new economic crises have hit hard.

Venezuela is a drain on the region, while Argentina declares a food emergency. Brazil has lost international support in the wake of the fires in the Amazon and the UN is meeting urgently to address climate change.