Dorian becomes Category 5 hurricane

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In the last few hours, Hurricane Dorian has risen to category 5 as reported by the National Hurricane Center. The winds Dorian is now holding are at 260 km / h, which makes it potentially catastrophic.

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Heavy rains occurred last weekend throughout the region, but authorities reported that the hurricane already poses a danger to residents due to torrential rains and heavy storm surges. It is recommended to evacuate high-risk areas.

Similarly, Hurricane Dorian is heading toward the north coast of the United States, where authorities began evacuating the region. The authorities who hoped that the hurricane would not gain strength, believe that it will continue with this magnitude in the coming days.

A video compiled on August 31 shows the force of the hurricane's eye. The images were recorded by a storm chaser plane, specially designed for this type of task, since even a classic air combat aircraft would not have the possibility of getting close enough to the eye of the hurricane.

The plane's study confirmed that winds extend up to 45 kilometers, while the strongest tropical storm is up to 165 kilometers from the center.

The National Weather Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States, assured that Dorian is an absolute monster and invites the community to go to the evacuation zones until this ends. The Hurricane is heading toward Georgia and the Carolinas.

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Dorian se convierte en huracán de categoría 5
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