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Joe Biden's Administration Appeals He Ruled That He Has Determined Dhaka Is Illegal

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Joe Biden's Administration Appeals He Ruled That He Has Determined Dhaka Is Illegal

The administration of President Joe Biden appealed the ruling, from the Texas court, where it was determined that the Deferred Action program was illegal for all childhood arrivals.

Daca program

The Daca program, which is considered Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, has caused controversy in the Biden Administration.

Justice Department

The Department The justice presented a notice, where he appealed the ruling of the US District Judge Andrew Hanen, starting the appeal process in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, an extremely conservative court.

Dhaka had the intention, of being able to offer the emigrants, a temporary respite to all the undocumented who were brought to the United States, as children. The beneficiaries, where the majority are adults, also received certain work authorizations.

What is Dhaka and how the program that protects Dreamers from deportation works

Judge Hanen of the Southern District of Texas has ruled that Daca violated the administrative procedure law that dictates what procedures every agency must follow to implement certain policies. Hanen has blocked the government from approving new applications in the program, but at the same time his order has allowed the program to continue, for current beneficiaries while the case is resolved.

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden said not to let this go and that the Justice Department will appeal the ruling.

Temporary Protected Status

On March 31 there were 616,030 beneficiaries of Dhaka, part of the majority are Mexicans, Hanen has suspended the order for all current beneficiaries of Dhaka, as long as that suspension remains in force its beneficiaries will be able to renew their process, which occurs every 2 years, but without However, the pandemic has delayed the entire process and there are too many accumulated applications, according to Hanen's opinion, the applications of those who are not currently protected by Dhaka should not be approved, the accumulations of applications are more than 55. 000.

The case has put additional pressure on Congress, where Democrats have tried to include a path to citizenship for many undocumented migrants, in a budget reconciliation bill, where it is included emigrants who they were brought to the United States, when they were children or those with Temporary Protected Status and essential workers.

While it is not clear whether this case reaches the end of the Supreme Court, in a previous case related to Dhaka last year, three judges disagreed with their views that the program is illegal. The court has not yet assessed the legality of Dhaka.