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The United Kingdom also questioned the past elections in Venezuela

Cesar Romero
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The United Kingdom also questioned the past elections in Venezuela
Elections in Venezuela last Sunday, November 21.

The UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined in the analysis of the European Union, the United States and Canada on the electoral conditions in Venezuela after the November 21 vote and focused on the fact that although they have improved, there is still "serious shortcomings that need to be addressed".

In the communiqué it was pointed out that despite the fact that the electoral system has had "some improvements", the process still has many deficiencies.

"While electoral conditions may have improved and the participation of more opposition parties was welcome, it is clear that the conditions necessary for free and fair elections fell well below the required standards," the statement said.

In this sense, the statement also indicates that opposition candidates were arbitrarily disqualified, and state resources were channeled in favor of the Maduro regime.

"The Supreme Court of Venezuela intervened in an inappropriate and politicized way in the management of the opposition parties", argued the foreign minister.

Supported opponents

The United Kingdom commended the efforts of the opposition groups and the candidates who participated, despite the irregularities, disadvantages and abuses they faced.

"We also applaud the commitment to democracy demonstrated by all voters and the courage of those who voted for opposition candidates despite the risks," he says.

The UK will continue to support those who are working to restore democracy and rebuild democratic institutions and processes in Venezuela.

There will be no dialogue for now

Nicolás Maduro recently suspended the dialogues between the government and the opposition "until further notice," blaming the United States government for his decision for having imprisoned Alex Saab, who is accused of corruption and money laundering.

Saab has been singled out by the Venezuelan opposition as being Nicolás Maduro's main frontman.