Tuna Records mourns the death of Celso Piña

Suria Ibañez
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Celso Piña was a musician who primarily devoted himself to the cumbia genre. Later he began to dabble in some musical combinations in collaboration with other artists such as café tacuba, caifanes, heavy, Gloria Trevi, Control Machete, among others. He died at the age of 66 at the San Vicente hospital in Monterrey at 12:38 p.m. and the cause of his death is presumed to be a heart attack.

Tuna Records mourns the death of Celso Piña – News – WebMediums

The statement was issued by La Tuna Records, said label managed the singer's musical career, the same regretted the death and expressed its condolences to family and friends. Celso was known as "The rebel of the accordion" and "The chief of the bell."

Celso Piña was born in Monterrey and died in Monterrey, he was one of the best singers, accordionists, arrangers and composers in cumbia. Before he was the famous man we all knew, he dedicated himself to serenades together with his brothers.

Before Celso died, he was still active on his social networks, an example was on Twitter where he happily stated that no one could resist the cumbia itself, which was accompanied by a video.

Many artists regretted the sad news. The last time Celso was seen on stage was last month, exactly on July 4 in Acapulco, where I surely notice that no one can resist the rhythm of the cumbia.

Celso Piña believed that the key to his success was to do things for pleasure and with his heart, money was something that did not interest him. Celso believed that what really mattered to be happy was sharing his music with the world. Without a doubt, he has left an imprint on the hearts of many people thanks to his enthusiasm and joy, if not the same. Goodbye Celso Piña!

Tuna Records mourns the death of Celso Piña – News – WebMediums