What is Psychomotor skills

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It is a discipline of study of human behavior, which is based mainly on analyzing the interaction that exists between knowledge, emotions, movements and all those actions that influence the development of each person during their life, starting from the development childish.

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This can refer to the psychological and physical interaction of a child who is in normal psychological conditions, as well as those who suffer disorders associated with this discipline. That is to say, psychomotricity is a discipline of study of the relationship between the body and the mind of human beings.

It originated around the twentieth century, when the neurologist Ernest Dupré made public his research and study on the relationship between anomalies and neurological disorders with psychiatric disorders, emphasizing the motor activity of each person.

It was the person who gave him the name psychomotor, from their many psychologists worldwide, began their studies on this discipline and demonstrated the interaction between the psychic and the motor in an individual.

The stages of psychomotor development are very important and greatly influence the life of a human being from birth.

This is because the psychomotor development of an individual begins its first stage from birth to approximately 7 years of age, developing primitive reflexes.

The second stage reaches 10 years and is when the children begin to demonstrate their motor skills to the fullest.

The third culminates in the 14 years of age when they begin to develop the characteristics of the adult stage and the interaction between the mind and the body becomes more present in each person.