How to motivate girls?

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It is important to emphasize that girls should be taught to be aware of their care promoting autonomy for happiness and a better quality of future life.

Self-care is learning certain behaviors that are put into practice that become habits and that contribute to your health, well-being and development.

By promoting self-care in girls can favor aspects in their development as the improvement of self-knowledge and self-esteem, the promotion of healthy habits, emotional development and the prevention of sexual abuse.

How to motivate girls? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Motivation for girls

Adults regardless of whether the parents and teachers should encourage with words and behavior that each girl is unique and valuable, that deserves to be loved and be able to take care of itself through strategies such as:

Allow autonomy progressively in tasks related to personal care such as personal hygiene and physical integrity. That his body is valuable and that to himself they must take care of him by teaching the correct names of the parts of his body.

Enjoy a walk or have a balanced diet

To be an example of healthy family and friendly affective relationships with positive ties, helping to detect signals that the body and mind give us when they are not well. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at home and confidence that allows the assertive dialogue between parents and children.

A girl who learns to take care of herself will know how to ask for help when she needs it, being able to evaluate the situation in which she is using her own resources and when it is not enough to seek help from parents and close relatives.

How to motivate girls? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

This is the fruit of good self-esteem that is the key to recognizing their potential and limitations. Girls when they succeed in this process will be less frustrated and channel in a better way the stumbling blocks of life itself.

When a girl is educated in self-care and self-esteem he will be able to avoid situations of risk to his physical integrity or to move away of suspicious people who try to do him harm.

All girls should enjoy leisure time or natural relaxation in a space that allows them to enjoy healthy activities, being basic to have a healthy and happy life allowing their emotional development to be complete and they can be safe people.

How to motivate girls? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Being the love received and issued a psychic aspect that needs to be sustained by long time transmitting it from person to person.

The integral development of girls implies that parents as adults not only attend to material needs, but also emotional needs: love, affection, attention, empathy and affection.

It must be remembered that girls are not aware of themselves and their identity, that they are in the process of growing and forming their personality and their well-being depends not only on themselves, but also of the family and academic environment where it operates.

Both areas are in clear connection and therefore communication is positive.