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3 quick and easy pear mousse recipes to make

Sara Manaure
4 min read

The mousse is a very delicious dessert with a very soft and fluffy texture. This is able to be combined with salty foods and sweet foods.

In this occupation I bring you 3 recipes to prepare a pear mousse, another a slightly lighter version and finally a recipe for the pear and cheese mousse that will make your mouth water.

All three are simple recipes that do not require more culinary knowledge. What I do recommend is that you have an electric mixer on hand, even if it is manual, so that everything comes out to measure and in the established time.

Without further ado, I leave you the 3 pear mousse recipes for you to surprise any diner.

3 quick and easy pear mousse recipes to make – Recipes – WebMediums
Light pear mousse

Pear mousse

We are going to prepare a pear mousse for 8 people that will not take more than 30 minutes. For what you will need:


  • 1/4 cups Splenda, Granulated Sweetener

  • 3 egg whites,

  • Lemon zest,

  • 3 pears,

  • 3 glasses of reduced fat milk,

  • 2 tablespoons of rice flour.

Pear mousse step by step

In a pot, place the milk and flour. Mix well and bring to the fire to simmer without boiling.

1. While this is heating, beat the egg whites and bring them to stiff.

2. Next, add the splenda, lemon zest, and pears to the milk and flour. Mix well until you create a homogeneous preparation.

3. Now, with the help of a palette, mix the whites with enveloping movements.

4. When everything is well integrated, remove from heat to cool and serve in the molds.

5. D ecorate with fruits, nuts or whatever you like the most and this delicacy will be ready to enjoy.

3 quick and easy pear mousse recipes to make – Recipes – WebMediums
Pear Mousse, a delight

Light and low calorie pear mousse

For those who love fitness or those who need to lead a much healthier life, I bring you this recipe to allow yourself a very healthy treat.

Take note of the ingredients that will give you two good servings for two and get to work:


Vanilla-flavored liquid sweetener,

  • 1 yogurt,

  • 1 pear,

  • Cheese spread,

  • Pink sugar crystals.


1. Begin by cleaning, peeling, and slicing the pear.

2. Take to the blender when with the tablespoon of cheese, yogurt and vanilla flavor sweetener.

3. Mix until you get a kind of smooth c row without lumps.

4. Now prepare the molds and pour the preparation. To decorate you can use pieces of pears, other fruits or pink sugar.

Pear and cheese mousse

For those who like sweet and savory combinations, this recipe is extraordinary. The flavors will envelop your palate, and you will not be able to stop eating the mousse.


  • 3 egg whites,

  • 3 spoonfuls of sugar,

  • 3 tablespoons of condensed milk,

  • 3 tablespoons cream cheese,

  • 800 grams of pears.

Preparation of the pear and cheese mousse

1. To start, beat the chopped pears with the cream cheese.

2. When they are integrated add the milk and sugar.

3. Beat until you see a smooth cream.

4. Bring the whites to the point of snow.

5. Now, blend them into the first mix gently.

6. Then, it's time to put it in the fridge for about 2 hours. First place them in the molds or mold so that with the cold the mixture is consistent.

3 quick and easy pear mousse recipes to make – Recipes – WebMediums
The protagonist of this dish La Pera.

Another version

You can use gelatin instead of egg whites. To do this, hydrate the gelatin in the pear purée. After about 5 minutes, add the rest of the mixture.

That should be the first step in the recipe to make time while the rest of the foods are integrated.

This can be applied to any of the recipes, trying not to add more water but using the one that is going to be incorporated. Either in the milk or at the party.

Crucial is that it is well dissolved so that the dessert retains the soft and fluffy texture of the mousse. In these cases you will need to take it to the fridge so that the preparation can be eaten.

If you follow the steps and ingredients to the letter you can easily achieve great results. This recipe of English origin will appeal to all palates in your home.

Even capture the attention of the most demanding. In addition, you are providing a fairly nutritious meal loaded with vitamins and without processed sugars.

Go ahead and make these pear mousse recipes and create your own versions. You just need to practice a little and let your imagination run wild with unusual combinations.