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Do the avocados get damaged after cutting them? Here we have a special trick for you

Grecia De Flores
3 min read

The avocado is known as one of the most delicate and difficult to preserve fruits in the world. However, this does not prevent it from being so palatable.

Due to its great flavor and the ways to use it in the kitchen, avocado is a good companion to the best healthy recipes; The dilemma begins in how it can be preserved.

There is great ignorance about its proper preservation, since in general, this is one of the main problems with which hundreds of consumers of it are found.

Avocado, as it is known in different parts of the world, does not usually maintain its integrity for long, since after being cut, it tends to oxidize or lose its characteristic flavor.

Many people choose to consume it in the shortest possible time, but in the worst case, some people throw it away, since it will soon become useless.

In order to slow down this process, we want to give you some tips that we know will help you preserve your avocado.

Do the avocados get damaged after cutting them? Here we have a special trick for you

How to preserve avocado?

One of the first options that we can recommend is to preserve the pit or also known as the avocado pit.

If you have cut the avocado in half, the other half must be kept with the seed so that the fruit is less exposed and therefore damages in less time.

Another alternative to which you can resort is to use a couple of drops of lemon, in order to prevent the fruit from oxidizing more quickly.

The use of lemon to preserve fruits is widely accepted in the gastronomic world, thanks to its acids and powerful chemical elements.

This fruit has ascorbic acid typical of vitamin C, which helps prevent the food from darkening and damaging much earlier than expected.

However, by sprinkling a little lemon juice over the already opened avocado, it can make it change its flavor slightly, however, it is not something that affects it at all.

Another element that you can try is olive oil, since it can have a similar function to what we can see from lemon.

This product can be sprinkled directly on the avocado meat, so that it will preserve a little longer.

Another alternative that can be just as useful is to submerge it in cold water, which should be drinkable.

For this, a clean container must be filled so that it is not in contact with the oxygen in the environment. After that, close the container well and proceed to store it in the refrigerator. In this way it can be kept for up to 48 hours after opening it.

Do you know the other benefits of avocado pulp?

The pulp of the avocado, according to Healthline contains vitamins from groups K, C, B5, B6, E, potassium and folate.

Likewise, we can find within its properties, some amounts of magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and other minerals, although not to a greater extent.

This fruit does not have cholesterol or sodium, in addition to being low in saturated fat.

The benefits of avocado pulp are many, but people usually include it in their diet as the main aid for cardiovascular health, since it has unsaturated fats and some fatty acids, which help people control levels cholesterol.

Likewise, it is known that this greatly favors digestive health, especially weight loss, blood sugar control and helps you prevent the risk of contracting some diseases thanks to the amount of fiber it contains.