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Quick and easy chicken rice to prepare

Sara Manaure
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Quick and easy chicken rice to prepare – Recipes – WebMediums
Nutritious and delicious dish

Rice with chicken is a classic of Venezuelan cuisine, within rice with things it is as famous as paella, as well as being a very delicious dish that consumes very little preparation time.

They are a great option for allowing certain vegetables to be incorporated into the diet of the little ones in the house, since they are easy to eat.

It is a delight to share with friends, to eat with the family or to take to work. Dare to make a change in your routine with this quick and easy Chicken Rice to prepare.

In the following article we will give you all the details and recommendations to surprise your family with this traditional dish and effective recipe. Without wasting any more time and prepare to take note of everything you need for your preparation.

Quick and easy chicken rice to prepare – Recipes – WebMediums
Delicious dish


We are going to use 2 chicken breasts, 500 grams of bacon, 1 chicken leg in meats.

Vegetables: 3 medium white onions, 6 garlic cloves, 4 sweet peppers, 1 red pepper, 2 medium carrots.

In addition, you should have 100 ml of oil, 1 kilo of white rice, a sprig of coriander, salt and cumin to taste.

Preparation of Rice with chicken easy and quick to prepare

The first thing to do is to bone the breasts and then chop them into squares, place them in a container with a lid, season with a pinch of salt and cumin to taste.

Second with the breastbones we will make a chicken broth,

We proceed to assemble in a pot with a lid, 6 cups of water, with 1 tablespoon of salt, and a sweet pepper, 1 clove of garlic, 1 previously cleaned chicken leg next to the breastbones, covered. While cooking over medium heat.

Chopping the vegetables

We will start by scratching the two carrots previously peeled on the fine side and placing it in a bowl.

We will chop the onions, the paprika, the peppers into small finite pieces and finely chopped, then we will chop the coriander branch.

Take the 500 grams of bacon to the pan with oil and crushed garlic, turn to release the fat, then add the onions to sauté with the high flame.

When you see that the onions begin to crystallize and take color, add the paprika and chili peppers, fry for a while and add the chicken previously chopped into small pieces.

Mix with a wooden paddle and leave on the fire turning until the chicken browns without burning. While you measure the 2 cups of rice and remove the broth to warm.

At this point where the chicken has color, add the three cups of rice mixing, leave a few minutes, add the striped carrots with a pinch of salt, let it take color and lower the heat to medium.

When they are united add 6 cups of chicken broth, mix with the paddle and leave without moving until boiling when you add the cilantro scattered by oak, cover it for about 20 minutes over low heat.

Quick and easy chicken rice to prepare – Recipes – WebMediums


According to the diners who are going to taste this dish, certain variations can be made. Between them:


To make the sauce you can use butter instead of oil. When you go to add the garlic, you can crush it and then cut it to make it easier to flavor.

The amount of cumin to use will depend on your taste. You can even add hot sauce or all of it very fine to get into the whole mix.

You can also change vegetables chives instead of using onion, remove the peppers or add peppers, hot instead of sweet peppers or incorporating others such as peas, corn giving it a personal touch.

Remember that these ingredients if you select them can be used together or separately and must be placed in the coriander at the time it is placed to dry the rice so that they do not fall apart.

Another variation of the ingredients that you can consider is using smoked chops instead of bacon, this gives it a very peculiar flavor and that will surely captivate your diners.

You can use yellow rice that already has a color that gives the dish a colorful look, special rice for paellas.


You can instead of using chicken breast use minced chicken or in pieces, in the latter you should consider placing one piece per person at least, adding bacon or even pork.

You can use the soy sauce to sauté the vegetables, and it is spectacular.

You could make the broth ahead of time and have it sifted and marinate the chicken, and it would take on even more flavor, saving prep time.


Quick and easy to prepare chicken rice can be served as a main dish, as it is a serving that fills and satisfies the palate. It can also be accompanied by slices of toast, banana.

The carrot, in addition to providing moisture, gives it color, as well as the coriander. You can vary them.

Leaving the rice open or closed is already a matter of the rice temper you want looser or firmer.

It can be presented alongside a bowl of beans and a few slices of banana or just plain.


If allowed cooling well, it can be packaged in portions and frozen or stored in the fridge. When reheating, you only need a pan or a few minutes in the microwave.

Remember to put a cup of water or add a splash of water so that it hydrates and can heat without burning.

This recipe is great for the little ones in the house, so you can incorporate vegetables and the little ones will eat them. You can prepare it to take to an afternoon in the field, for work.

It is very easy and very complete dish because it includes versatile meats, vegetables and carbohydrates and many variations of fun and easy to get ingredients can be applied.

In addition, its presentation changes depending on the way the chicken is presented.

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