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Smashed potatoes with oil and lemon

Sara Manaure
3 min read
Smashed potatoes with oil and lemon

This recipe deserves our attention because of how delicious it is. These mashed potatoes with oil and lemon have very humble origins.

This recipe is often passed down from generation to generation, but its great taste makes it worth applying this recipe to get out of the ordinary.

Its warmth is a homey dish that everyone will love, so success with this recipe is guaranteed.

Mashed potatoes

This was a recipe that was applied when someone had an upset stomach, however the flavor was so great that it became one of the most requested foods.

It is a dish that is usually eaten by the little ones in the house. You can use them to complete main dishes or simply to taste them separately.

As it is a homemade recipe, the amounts can vary according to your taste and the amount you need to make. Approximately it would be about 250 grams of potato per diner.

After this, the other ingredients are incorporated, considering a good amount of lemon and oil that make a difference.


To prepare a portion for four people you must have:

  • 1 kilo of potato.

  • 60 milliliters of olive oil.

  • Salt.

  • 2 lemons.

  • Black pepper.

Step by step to make mashed potatoes with oil and lemon

With an average time of 40 minutes, this dish will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Smashed potatoes with oil and lemon

1. Wash the potatoes well, remove the shell and put them in a pot with water.

2. Add a little salt, bring to high heat and cover.

Do not let the water boil to a boil, it will be enough to be able to cross the point of the knife through the potatoes.

Remember that the time can vary according to the size and texture of the potato, usually 30 minutes.

3. At the point, drain the potatoes.

You can use the same pot or a large model.

4. Mash them with a fork, then add salt and plenty of oil.

It is not necessary, since this procedure will be repeated several times. Until you reach the desired point.

5. Then add the lemon juice avoiding the seeds and the pulp as such.

6. Sique crushing and adding the pepper, another little salt and oil.

7. This should result in a thick, rustic purée with few lumps, but not syrupy at this point. You're done!

Smashed potatoes with oil and lemon

Recommendations for first class mashed potatoes

  • To achieve a good mashed potatoes you must work the potatoes when they are lukewarm.

  • In addition to the added dressing, you can put a touch of oil and lemon when you are going to serve.

  • You can place as a companion to meat, fish, charcuterie as appetizers.

  • It combines very well with pickles, cheeses and anchovies.

It is a good base for more than one occasion, it is very versatile and easy to prepare. In addition, they adapt according to the way you decide to present them.

You can place them as the base of tartlets and decorate with pickles or sautéed vegetables.

Dare to prepare these flat potatoes with oil and lemon to surprise everyone and not only to treat the stomach discomfort of the little ones.


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