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The best American hamburger recipe

Stephany Sánchez
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The best American hamburger recipe – Recipes – WebMediums

The hamburger recipe proves to be one of the most popular internationally, being reinvented for many years. American hamburgers are the favorite dish in many homes and children especially love this recipe. Their easy way to prepare makes them "fast food" which are mostly consumed by busy people.

Your recipe may vary according to the creativity of the cook. Currently there are many hamburger recipes such as chicken, lamb, pork and even fish, but the most traditional and ancient is that of meat. In fact, by giving your meat a good flavor, your hamburger will be the best American hamburger.

Next, we will teach you how to prepare the best American hamburger. Follow each step to make your burger the most delicious. But, first we will indicate all the ingredients to use. It is important that you know that they all have to be of excellent quality.

Ingredients of the American hamburger recipe:

  • 600 grams of beef.

  • 2 eggs

  • Olive oil.

  • 150 milliliters of warm milk.

  • 30 grams of breadcrumbs.

  • 3 garlic cloves.

  • Half a medium onion.

  • 2 small sprigs of parsley.

  • Salt, pepper and ground oregano.

  • 20 grams of mustard sauce.

Tips and recommendations before preparing your recipe:

The secret of American hamburgers is two things: A good meat and a gourmet bread. Due to this, when you are going to buy your meat you must select the best, such as beef loin. This is because this meat has a low amount of fat and a high amount of protein and extra minerals.

When you go to prepare your meat, you can do it one day before the preparation of the burgers, this will give it a more concentrated taste. You must adhere all the ingredients together with the meat and mix it. Once this is finished, just put it in the freezer until the next day.

It is important to know that when you are going to prepare your meat the day before, it is not recommended to add the ground bread to it. This is because it neutralizes its taste a bit, we use it only to compact with the eggs at the time we are going to cook it.

The best bread you can use is gourmet, preferably freshly made, or artisan. The reason for this is that the bread they commonly use is hamburger bread from bakeries, but this type of bread will not give you the authentic and delicious finish that we want so much.

Keep in mind, always add the best creams and sauce combinations to your burger, giving it a taste that will surprise everyone who tries it.

Preparation of the American hamburger recipe:

Note: The bread must be ready, because it is a fast food.

Steps to follow for the preparation of the meat:

  1. Place all the ingredients that we will use in a bowl.

  2. Slowly begin mixing with a ladle until dough-shaped. When it is taking the form of dough, begin to work it with your hands until its finish is homogeneous.

  3. Let stand 5 minutes, this time will cause a better union and flavor of your ingredients with your meat.

  4. Having the dough ready, begin to make meat balls in a flattened shape. This should be done with your hands for a better finish.

  5. In a previously heated frying pan with olive oil, start adding your meat carefully.

  6. When the meat is turning a golden color on the side that is being cooked, it should be turned over until its cooking is finished.

  7. Once ready, remove it from the heat and place it on a plate.

Preparation of the American hamburgers:

  1. Have all the ingredients at your fingertips, such as the meat and hamburger bun. For its preparation you can use ham, bacon, yellow cheese, vegetables, the sauces and creams that you like the most.

  2. Open the hamburger buns with a small handsaw.

  3. Having the hamburger buns open, begin to add the sauce or cream that you like the most.

  4. Then add the vegetables, meat, ham, yellow cheese, and finally add the sauce or cream that you like the most.

Additional Recommendations:

  • At the time of cooking the meat, cook it over medium heat with a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Celsius. This is because hamburgers, if they do not have a proper cooking inside, could cause very serious diseases, that is why hygiene is very important when preparing them.

  • Their meat should not be burned, as this also causes problems for humans. Cook well and give it an intermediate finish, eliminating any type of bacteria.

  • The vegetables that we are going to use must be previously submerged in a container full of water and 10 milliliters of vinegar depending on the amount, in order to eliminate all the bacteria that these vegetables may have.

  • When you are going to eat your hamburger, you can accompany it with some delicious fries or sweet potatoes.

  • Taking into account all these tips, our hamburger will be the best in the world, and with the best safety.

Curiosities of American hamburgers:

  • The people who consume these hamburgers the most are the Americans, followed by China and Japan. Its fast, simple and very practical way of making it is classified as a fast food, since they can eat it while working, walking and even doing some work or domestic errand.

  • If we carried out a study combining all the hamburgers that are consumed in Latin America and North America in a year, organized in a straight line, they would circulate our Earth 50 times or more, there are many!

  • There are healthy diets recommended by nutritionists today, where these hamburgers have a high amount and protein and very low fat, as is the case of chicken burgers with lettuce and turkey ham.

  • Today the hamburger has been the most profitable food business, so much so that McDonald's has the record of selling 300 billion hamburgers since it began. They sell up to 75 hamburgers per second.