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The best hot dogs in the world

Sara Manaure
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The global reach that hot dogs has had since their creation in 1860 in the United States of America has been so impressive that it has a presence as fast food in countless countries.

The best hot dogs in the world – Recipes – WebMediums
Hot dogs.

Its large amounts of recipes that always start from the origin of bread filled with a sausage regardless of the form it takes in the process and each one of them with an incredible and individual flavor.

Today I want to present you a selection of hot dogs that can be said to be the best hot dogs in the world, of course this is based on a personal opinion rather than a culinary competition.

The North American Classic

These have an original and classic design. For Americans, it is the best hot dog that exists, with its structure of the typical sausage inside a bun with ketchup and mustard makes them the best in their style so much so that they are sold in droves.

Inside the fairs, street stalls and especially in the baseball stadiums or any other sport. In some cases accompanied by an extra dressing but always with the same American style.

Impaled South Korean hot dog

As its name says, its peculiarity is that it comes on a toothpick where the sausage is placed, it is breaded and then passed through the deep fryer.

Giving them their final touch with ketchup and mustard, some cut the leftover sausage into tentacles, making them look like delicious squid.

The best hot dogs in the world – Recipes – WebMediums
Prepare it as you like.

The disgusting of Venezuela

This is one of the most sought-after versions in the whole country since they are quite complete and can satisfy the appetite of any diner.

This type of hog dog is characterized by having 2 breads, 2 sausages, bacon, striped potato, Parmesan cheese, ham, onion, cabbage, carrot, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.

According to the taste of the person you can place garlic sauce, corn, tartar, sweet mustard, BQ, among others. Each one follows the amount of what they want and to their liking.

In some cases they also include a little spicy chorizo or hot sauce. Also, natural dads are allowed instead of striped and Polish sausage.

Swiss hot dog Tunnbrödsrulle

Having one of the most exquisite mix of ingredients since in its base beyond the sausage they always carry shrimp and any other excellent taste of the palate.

Specials to come created in a thin bread omelette with the rest of the ingredients of the common denominator, Swiss hot dogs are an example of a street and a restaurant in one.

The Super Chili of Mexico

This recipe is very traditional because it includes common foods from the region know some ingredients:

You will need for these Mexican hog dogs a pair of sausages, 2 breads, corn sauce, chili con carne, guacamole and nachos.

There are versions that support pretty good hot chili sauces that give this fast food an extraordinary taste.

German cabbage-based hot dogs

This German version of hot dog also has a huge sausage, which can vary depending on the manufacturer, caramelized onions and fermented cabbages.

There are others who prefer to accompany their hot dog with pickles, ketchup and mustard.

Guatemalan Shucos hot dogs

The specialty of Guatemalan hot dogs is that they are a walking grill since in their preparation they are accompanied by delicious yellow breads.

Which give a spectacular decoration to the parade of sausages, sausages, ham and meats, all of them passed over the coals mixed in the bread with guacamole, mayonnaise and mustard.

The complete hot dogs from Chile

They call them complete since they have different versions and styles, the most popular of them called "Italian" since its ingredients refer to the country's flag.

This being a favorite for its healthy content of minced avocado, tomato and mayonnaise, leaving space and room for the creativity of the client's palate.

French hot dog

In honor of their country, the hot dogs of France have their national characteristics well accentuated since they are prepared on the basis of a baguette.

Containing inside the best sausage and a gratin Gruyère cheese bath making it a special hot dog for fans of cheese and fast food.

The best hot dogs in the world – Recipes – WebMediums
Korean hot dog

Chéveres or chorys hot dogs from Salvador

This is what they say in El Salvador because of how cool it is to eat one of these quick delicacies and, as in South Korea, the sausage is fried. Accompany anything with a delicious and juicy pickle of onion, cabbage and other prepared ingredients.

South Africa hot dog boerie roll

Unique for their unique boerewors in South Africa, these grilled sausages make them the most special in their style, made with beef and spices.

They could be called the simplest dogs in the world, since they only consist of bread with its emblematic sausage and tomato sauce and other times accompanied by a little chopped onion.

The placement of the ingredients is your choice and in the quantities that you want. Keep in mind to put sauce on the base so that the bread is not as dry as with the vegetables to change the flavor a bit.

The truth is that they are very complete and delicious, so you will not be able to stop enjoying these hot dogs.

Whether you prepare the classic from North America, the resolute dog from Venezuela, or the version you like best, this will be one of the best hot dogs in the world.

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Los mejores hot dogs del mundo
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