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7Fates CHAKHO: The new BTS story to be published on Wattpad and Webtoon

Luis Rafael
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The famous K-pop band "BTS" is going to present a new story that will be published through the platforms of wattpad and Webtoon, it will be one of the best books that the famous band has published, the followers of the group are very motivated by this new news.

Another BTS webtoon is gearing up for release. On November 4, HYBE declared the designs for the arrival of various unique substances identified with their K-pop artists in a preparation.

7Fates: CHAKHO, Bangtan's upcoming computerized comic, is one of these new installments that Big Hit Music has for the coming year.

This project will have the best drawing techniques, since the artists aspire that the art of their cartoons be perfectly so that the comic can achieve the success that the famous people of music esteem so much.

7Fates CHAKHO: The new BTS story to be published on Wattpad and Webtoon
7Fates CHAKHO: the new BTS story to be published on Wattpad and Webtoon

HYBE busy with unique stories

At HYBE's 2021 briefing with the local area, the Korean goliath unveiled his preparations to enter the one-story business, which will be another protected innovation from the organization.

The award-winning K-pop band's record label is holding many meetings to secure contracts and funding regarding the new 7Fates project: CHAKKO and they plan to hold promotional events for all people to read their comics.

These new stories will be captured in different organizations: webtoons, web books and activities, as a team with the K-pop artists of the organization.

One of Big Hit Music's best ideas was to launch this story through Wattpad, the most famous reading platform.

Since it is no secret to anyone that millions of people are active users of Wattpad stories, this is a great way to start promoting your new comic. Also, most of the readers are teenagers, it's the perfect audience for 7Fates: CHAKKO.

It should be noted that their objective is to grow the content to the maximum extent of these stars so that later they can be used in different types of formats and with this they not only refer to the musical plane, they also plan to expand to other areas.

BTS's new webtoon

Since the famous band BTS spoke about the new stories that are going to publish their name, it has not stopped ringing through social networks. Many people are already anxious for the date on which their new project will be released, just wait until next year.

In addition, an interesting fact that was released was that TXT, ENHYPEN and BTS will be in charge of bringing up the entertaining stories that HYBE has, whose premiere is scheduled for January 2022.

It is worth mentioning that the well-known septet that made the rise of the Korean organization possible will add one more webtoon with 7Fates: CHAKHO. As you can review, the last one was the effective computerized Save Me comic.

BTS is already preparing with everything for the date of 2022 when their precious computerized comic is released, they are currently making the final touches and adding new stories to make it the most impeccable work of all.

7Fates CHAKHO: The new BTS story to be published on Wattpad and Webtoon
"7Fates: CHAKHO", BTS's new webtoon

What will BTS's 7Fates: CHAKHO be about?

If you are wondering what the plot of 7Fates: CHAKKO will be, here we have the answer to your question. The story will be a fiction based on 7 tiger hunters who take the initiative to unite in a group in order to avenge those who killed the people closest to them.

This sci-fi story is set in a city of the future that is quite crazy, the reason for this story was because they were inspired by the chakhogapsa, also called the Joseon tiger tracking experts, said HYBE chief supervisor Hwang Bo.

Hwang Bo had always had in mind to carry out these types of projects, since, he has always been attracted to this type of fictional stories, however, he had not gotten the moment or the opportunity until BTS came up with this wonderful idea.

When does 7Fates: CHAKHO arrive?

Previously, the Big Hit Music label had mentioned that they planned to publish it a few months ago, however, several problems arose and this caused a delay. 7Fates: CHAKHO will be the new webtoon of the Korean band and will be published on January 15, 2022.

The company that will be in charge of publishing this comic is "Never Webtoon". The people of TXT and ENHPEN will also have their own webtoons because of Hybe's new task. They will be called, separately, The Star Seekers and Dark Moon.

After the authority statement on HYBE's information, the authority record for BTS: CHAKHO's 7Fates webtoon was unveiled. This profile would refresh fans with information about the story and its impending delivery. Right now he has more than 200,000 followers.

Following the statement of another BTS webtoon, ARMY raised their concern via the web media, as lately the prestige of K-pop icons has been undermined by the sexualization of specialists in composite stories…

Consequently, HYBE conveyed that it understood ARMY's position, but that for this situation it would be a unique story.

The BTS youth are hoping to repeat the daesang all-kill at MAMA 2021. The septet competes for seven Mnet scholarship classes, including version grand prizes. You can also fight for the highest honor of the world symbol.

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In the current year's MAMA, fans can simply cast a vote in the Top 10 class of decision from fans around the world. The survey is conducted through MWave (web and app), Twitter, and Apple Music.

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