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What will happen to the BTS band when they start the military service

Fermín Gómez
6 min read

Fans of Korean k-pop band BTS are concerned about an issue that has been haunting the group for several years.

The members of the popular group are of the age to enlist in the Army.

Some sought the exoneration of this patriotic obligation, but there are also sectors that strongly oppose this exception.

The BTS group has a real army of its own. They are his millions of fans worldwide. And they are currently at a real crossroads, as they must comply with a mandate of the law of their country.

We must emphasize that military service is a mandatory procedure in South Korea. It is carried out by all men between the ages of 18 and 28, for a period of time that extends to two years.

How old are the members of BTS?

It should be noted that all the members of BTS are within the established range to carry out the procedure for compulsory military service.

These are the current ages of the members of the popular k-pop band.

Jeon Jung-kook ( Jungkook ): 24 years old.

Kim Tae-hyung ( V ): 25 years old.

Park Ji-min ( Jimin ): 25 years old.

Kim Nam-joon ( RM ): 26 years old.

Jung Ho-seok ( J-Hope ): 27 years old.

Min Yoon-gi ( Suga ): 28 years old.

Kim Seok-jin ( Jin ): 28 years old.

What will happen to the BTS band when they start the military service

However, Hybe Corporation, the company that manages the band, has begun to negotiate the possibility of being able to postpone the dates or exonerate the members of BTS from this duty. They argue that the social impact that the popular K-pop group has should be taken into account.

Many believed that the members of BTS would eventually be exonerated from performing their military service, but this outcome is not settled. We will delve further into that dilemma below.

Should BTSs be exonerated from doing military service?

The situation is such that a subcommittee of the South Korean National Defense Commission has been formed, which began its activities on September 9 of this year.

This subcommittee has begun to debate whether an amendment to South Korea's laws that covers only a small group of people, no matter how famous, should be accepted.

Recall that the commission filed a complaint against the South Korean Ministry of Defense itself because what many call the " BTS Military Service Exemption Law " has recently been implemented.

This law establishes that male artists who have managed to improve the reputation of their country, are exonerated from performing compulsory military service in the army, which obviously does not include the rest of the male population.

In case the amendment to the law is rejected so that the group is exonerated from carrying out its compulsory military service, they will not have many options. They should start saying goodbye to their fans as they will have to fulfill their patriotic duty and enlist to fulfill their obligations as citizens.

It should be emphasized that the BTS group, have not spoken out denying the obligation to perform military service. Let us remember that your country lives in constant pressure of a possible confrontation with its northern neighbor.

So some alternatives have been analyzed. For example, the possibility of military service being performed gradually has been mentioned, that is, that each member separates from the group at different and spaced times.

There has also been talk of everyone performing the service at the same time. Obviously, each of these alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages.

In South Korea there are some exceptions regarding the fulfillment of military service. Thus, professional athletes who have won an international medal are exonerated from performing compulsory military service.

This exemption also applies in the case of those who are dedicated to classical music who have won an international competition.

Likewise, if the male in question has an unfinished high school or serious physical or psychological problems, he may be exempted from performing compulsory military service in South Korea.

In the specific case that concerns us, the BTS group has only reached a consensus among all those involved, by which the artists can defer this obligation until they reach 30 years of age.

This postponement is due to the fact that, in 2018, they were decorated for their cultural and musical contributions. It was a recognition of their accelerated rise and all the world records that they have widely exceeded in their artistic career.

Which member of BTS would do military service first?

The BTS member who is closest to the date of discharge from the military is Jin, who is currently 29 years old.

The HYBE company spoke in September 2020. It stated that Seokjin will join the Army at the end of 2021, the deadline for the artist to fulfill his duty.

In this regard, the popular singer has already spoken, stating that he will fulfill his duty as a citizen of his country because he is aware of the complicated geopolitical situation in his native country.

Remembering his latest single "Butter"

As we know that a sector of lovers of the musical genre are not very interested in the issue of whether or not the members of BTS will do military service, but if they are pending the premieres and figures of their songs, we will mention a few records that they reached with his latest single " Butter ".

This video clip surpassed the previous mark for the highest number of viewers for a video premiere on YouTube, reaching a total of 3.9 million.

They also managed to be the YouTube music video with the most views or views in the first 24 hours, reaching an incredible 108 million.

As for other platforms, we have that it was the most played song on Spotify in the first 24 hours, exceeding 11 million views.

The above only for their latest video clip, because with their catchy songs and rhythmic dances, they have exceeded goals in countless fields. Setting the bar very high for those who dare to challenge them, not only within the k-pop genre but in music in general.