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Band BTS To Make Their Comeback With The Release Of Their New Album

Luis Rafael
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The famous K-pop band BTS hasn't released an album in their Korean language in a long time. The last one they launched was in November of last year.

Millions of fans have been waiting for a juicy new project that famous Korean artists can do.

Certainly this has not been a very easy year for the band, they have had to hold many meetings and cancel certain plans of their itinerary due to the global pandemic and unforeseen events that have arisen over time.

In addition, the issue of military service is also one of the reasons why they have not carried out musical projects like the ones they published in the previous year. However, the singers want to give the best of themselves to their audience and release a new album that will make everyone shocked.

Despite all this, artists have not stopped publishing songs and collaborations with great artists from the world of music, BTS always He has tried to continue making content for his channel and at the same time fulfill his social tasks such as pending matters with the UN.

Band BTS To Make Their Comeback With The Release Of Their New Album
Band BTS To Make Comeback With New Album Release

For that reason, the magnificent K-pop band will present their new album in their Korean language so that everyone can enjoy their good music and the best choreography that has always characterized each of the members.

Namjoon and Suga brought up information about their comeback

Singers Namjoon and Suga are among the most adored band members in the entire fandom, so they decided to demonstrate at the time they released this magnificent news. They both said that even though they have only performed a few songs, their comeback will be earlier than expected.

This despite the fact that one of the members of the band is going to have to perform military service and this has possibly caused the band to have some problems with respect to the itinerary they had programmed.

However, they already have everything scheduled to release their new album in a very short time.

The first time they mentioned that they were going to release an album was in one of the last episodes of Soop 2, which was released on November 5. From that moment ARMY began to be present in all the groups of the band and spread the precious information that was given about the Bangtan album.

BTS's Suga and RM have been brainstorming ideas for this new album

The members of BTS have been on vacation since the last few days, however, this does not mean that they are leaving the next presentation of their album for unnoticed, Suga and RM have been reunited lately.

They have brainstormed several ideas to get the best ideas to make the best album of all, with a unique essence, the best phonemes, excellent choreography and get the attention of all the viewers.

Big Hit Music is going to be in charge of producing this album and will do everything possible to make it a success and exceed the expectations set by its industry. Everyone is already wondering what the next album by these talented young people from South Korea will sound like and what their most viral song will be.

Band BTS To Make Their Comeback With The Release Of Their New Album

In the reality of the band they have also mentioned on several occasions the arrival of this new project, they are putting a lot of effort into the publicity of their new album, since it will be the one that will mark the return of the band since November 2020, which was the release of the last album they have made.

Namjoon wants to produce more powerful tracks

Member Namjoon, without a doubt one of the most talented of all, has been in command of the booth on several occasions.

He has given HYBE the best ideas to achieve that touch in some of the most iconic songs of the Korean band, this time he says he wants to give it a different touch.

The singer wants BTS's comeback to make the difference between all the K-pop music that is currently trending, because currently everything is very monotonous in the industry and all the songs sound like more of the same, something that has already been seen above, and the idea is to innovate.

In addition, he claims that the last song they made that has been one of the most acclaimed songs so far was "IDOL."

A theme that has been positioned as one of the most listened to songs of the band. Namjoon's idea is to re-produce a song that is complete, that has the necessary emotion, quality, sound and all the necessary accessories to make a world Hit and come back with the best comeback of all.

After that, Min Yoongi affirmed to agree with his colleague, therefore, they have the vision of doing something unexpected that manages to captivate their entire audience and even get the first positions on YouTube.

In addition, they mention that they want to have a wide variety of themes, but that everyone manages to achieve a good level of reproductions and visualizations. Certainly, they have a lot of Performance songs, but, they need to increase their arsenal by the time they go to perform a concert.

What will be the debut date of the next album of the famous band BTS?

We already know all the information regarding the new album that the artists have planned to release soon. However, they have not predefined a deadline for the publication of the acclaimed album, since, currently the band will be subjected to many activities.

ARMY has managed to figure out approximately what date the new album release will be out. This speculation They did it based on the publication and promotion of the single "Butter" and "Permission to Dance" that both were in this year.

The band BTS has already carried out a lot of activities, therefore, it is presumed that the publication of their new album will be approximately in about 3 months.