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Blackpink: history of the band

Fermín Gómez
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One of the most representative groups of K-pop has been, throughout the history of the genre, Blackpink. This girlband made up of four super talented girls has been talking about since the beginning of its launch. Being ambassadors of feminine power, K-pop and, above all, South Korean culture.

This great band is presented under the direction of YG Entertainment, they have taken the image and sound of these singers to the farthest corners possible. And the result is so amazing that they have garnered world-class awards. It is truly amazing how much Blackpink has managed to achieve.

Keep reading so that you know the details of the beginning of this group and why they are one of the most listened to, nominated and awarded bands at an international level.

Blackpink beginnings

In 2016, YG Entertainment unveiled the group Blackpink. This made his first appearance with two songs. Promotions began months before the release, when the label released the names of each artist featuring individual images.

By then, many waited for Jennie who had had a brilliant participation in the video of a colleague of the brand. Later, it was indicated that Lisa would be the last member of the team.

It is here where the company announces the official debut of the chichas, but due to scheduling issues it had to be postponed until early August. In this way, the group Blackpink is brought to life with four members.

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Blackpink members

These very talented girls have had previous participation in which they were getting involved with the musical environment before the launch of the group itself.

Whether it was being part of a song, like Rosé who surprised you with your timbre of voice, or like Jennie who participated in a video clip, all have previously demonstrated their talent before the public.


The name they gave him at birth was Pranpriya Manoban and ปราณ ปรียา ม โบา ล is his native name.

She was born on March 27, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand in Buri Ram province. It is recognized in the entertainment world as Lisa. She has excelled in the art world as a rapper, dancer, model, and singer. It is part of the members of the Blackpink group, since the year of its creation in 2016.

His life was spent with his mother and with Paul Markus Bruschweiler, her husband, who should be noted in the gastronomic area is considered one of the best chefs in the world of Thai food, and that he is of Swiss origin. Her stepfather opened one of the Thai cooking schools in Llisa's hometown.

Among the skills that Lisa has developed we can mention that she is a polyglot. The languages she is fluent in are Thai, English, Korean, and Japanese.


Kim Jisoo is the youngest of three siblings, she has an older brother and sister. In his childhood he liked sports a lot, he did basketball practices, he attended Taekwondo instructions and he was a fan of the TVQX group. During high school he studied in parallel at the Seoul School of Performing Arts.

He joins his school's Drama Club while in the 11th grade, where he had a great experience conducting auditions.

After joining the YG Entertainment label in 2011, he became a trainee for a period of five years to debut with the group Blackpink in August 2016 as a vocalist.

Simultaneously for June 2021, she is the cover of Elle magazine in the Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and India editions, in the latter country being the first female idol to appear on a cover in any magazine in India.


Roseanne Park, was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 11, 1997. From a very young age she had a penchant for singing and learned to play instruments such as piano and guitar, she also performed in church choirs.

The South Korean record label YG Entertainment in 2012, held auditions in Australia and at the suggestion of her father, Rosé attends reaching first place among a total of 700 contestants. After no more than two months, he decides to drop out of school and signs with the label as an apprentice for which he had to move to Seoul.

Known in the arthritic field as Rosé, she is an Australian model, singer, dancer and songwriter of Korean origin. She is part of the girl group Blackpink created by the YG Entertainment label in 2016.

He made his solo debut in March 2021, with the single On The Ground. Since her debut, she has appeared on numerous covers of various fashion magazines, both in South Korea and other countries in Asia.


Kim Jennie was born in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, South Korea, on January 16, 1996. At the age of nine, she traveled to Australia and New Zealand with her family. His mother is a shareholder in the CJ E&M company and his father owns a hospital.

A year later, from being in New Zealand, she was sent to Auckland, Australia to study high school at ACG Parnell College and will begin her studies in the language with a family.

Known in the arts as Jennie, she is a model, rapper, and dancer from South Korea. Member of the girl group Blackprink belonging to the record label YG Entertainment since 2016. Who debuted as a soloist with the single Solo at the end of 2018.

In 2006, she was featured in the MBC television documentary English, Must Change to Survive, where she recounted her experience speaking the language and her time in New Zealand.

Latest musical movements

During 2021 they have achieved great recognition thanks to the different projects they have had.

Such as the solo releases of Rosé and Lisa. These works have not only made the band reach new markets, but also offer the possibility of participation with artists of other genres.


Recently, the participation of K-pop groups with artists from other musical genres has been announced. In particular, for the announcement made by Ozuna about a joint work between Megan Thee Stallion, DJ Snake and Blackpink.

This song has everyone waiting in a very special way, after the participation of Lisa and Dj Snake for the consolidation of the song Lalisa, which was released a few days ago as part of Lisa's solo album.