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BLACKPINK's Jennie Praises 3rd 'Solo' Commemoration Through Social Media

Luis Rafael
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The famous South Korean singer shared on her social media accounts several images that had to do with her main single "Solo" on the occasion of her third anniversary, one of the most special moments for the Korean Idol.

After attending the LACMA Art + Film event, directed by famous Hollywood actor “Leonardo DiCaprio,” and partying with The Weeknd and Jaden Smith in Los Angeles, BLACKPINK's Jennie has highlighted the third commemoration of her single "Solo" on their website.

At the moment when the artist expressed her excitement for the anniversary of her debut song, BLINK took this wonderful opportunity to congratulate, give good wishes and show all her love to Jennie, making thousands of comments through Instagram and Twitter.

BLACKPINK's Jennie Praises 3rd 'Solo' Commemoration Through Social Media
BLACKPINK's Jennie Praises 3rd 'Solo' Commemoration Through Social Media

What date was Jennie's "Solo" released?

BLACKPINK member Jennie's independent melody marked her third commemoration since its delivery on March 20, 2018. Although the famous song was performed by the artist, Jennie was not the person who was in charge of composing the song.

The musical piece was composed by Teddy Park and highlights an electronic rhythm in the choir, a reality for which it appeared in the main situation in "Gaon Digital Chart", music scheme in South Korea.

The famous BLACKPINK member has broken records both locally and universally, including being the top Korean singer to get the most # 1 on iTunes in more than 42 nations.

It also managed to get the most views on YouTube by an independent Korean artist with 14.7 million views.

This being the independent theme with the most views and reproductions on the Korean singer's music platforms. That is why he celebrates the 3rd anniversary of his song so eagerly, since it was thanks to her that he was so successful in his artistic career.

Jennie posted on her Instagram pictures of the celebration of her song "Solo"

It should be noted that, on November 13, the artist Jennie published on her official Instagram account some photos comparing the limited time phase of her single "Solo". She took the moment to express what this topic made her feel and all that it means to her.

She affirmed that "Solo" has been the theme that has allowed her to shine from the first moment she got up on stage and thanks to that song she has achieved success and opened many doors for her. He also decided to celebrate his day by doing a life on his account and enjoying BLINK.

BLINK joined the 3rd commemoration of "Solo"

Jennie's fans in Peru carried out an LED board project on a busy highway in Lima at the festival for the third commemoration of "Solo". The LED screen displayed images of the K-pop icon previewing his debut track performance.

The highway was packed with thousands of BLINK fans as they posted the event through their Instagram accounts.