BLACKPINK's Lisa surprises with new video for Ragnarök M: Eternal Love

Cristian García
2 min read

BLACKPINK's Lisa is one of the most famous K-pop artists, gaining a huge following worldwide. That is why it always tends to leave many expectations before any type of launch or public appearance that it makes. This is something that has been seen with their new commercial for Ragnarök M: Eternal Love.

BLACKPINK's Lisa surprises with new video for Ragnarök M: Eternal Love

BLACKPINK is a K-pop girl group well known for the excellence of their music and the impeccable style of their members. In addition, they have also managed to stand out for the variety of advertisements that have an incredible quality and are considered the best on the market. Lisa's new promo video would not be far behind.

Lisa reveals CF for mobile video game Ragnarök M: Eternal Love

Lisa has managed to show a new facet with this CF for the famous mobile video game. Thus, the artist would be looking extremely charming to the point of breaking the hearts of her viewers. All this shows that the idol can be sensual and, also, quite delicate when she wants it.

The video has a duration of only 15 seconds, although this short time has served to move everyone. In it, you can see Lisa enjoying doing all kinds of nonsense that make her look extremely cute in front of the cameras. In addition, he would be enjoying beautiful moments with what appears to be a fictional couple.

Lisa would be returning with BLACKPINK in the said members' next music project. In this way, it has already been known that this group would be working with Ariana Grande's producer, Tommy Brown. For all this, rumors have already been generated about a collaboration between Grande and this girl band, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Despite this, the BLINKs are looking forward to the return of this group.