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BLACKPINK's Lisa Won't Go to Paris Fashion Week Due To Covid-19

Luis Rafael
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Even though BLACKPINK rapper and maknae Lalisa is on the European continent for Paris Fashion Week, she will only be going to Celine's show.

All the members of BLACKPINK are delegates of important design brands; therefore, they individually arrived in France for the long-awaited event.

Lisa appeared in the City of Light on October 4 to attend Celine's occasions; Be that as it may, the vocalist will miss the exercises of another important brand of which she is a representative: BVLGARI.

On October 5, Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of BVLGARI clarified in his informal communities that Lisa's non-appearance is not due to an absence of greeting; Rather, the YG Entertainment office has not allowed the BLACKPINK party to go to different shows.

As the leader thanked the people who coordinated an ETAM and BVLGARI gem design show in Paris, Lisa's fans posted several comments asking why the Thai icon was not at the celebration.

BLACKPINK's Lisa Won't Go to Paris Fashion Week Due To Covid-19
BLACKPINK's Lisa Stops Attending Paris Fashion Week Events Due To Covid-19

What happened to BLACKPINK's Lisa?

Babin mentioned this about the BLACKPINK member “Lisa is in Paris, but unfortunately, due to COVID, her agency doesn't want her to participate in events. It is a shame because we have an incredible activity tomorrow in Milan and she will not attend”. Babin finished.

Then at that time, in another post, the CEO added that this explanation has further prevented Lalisa Manobal from being recruited with other renowned female representatives for the new 2021/22 mission.

He indicated that the relationship with Lisa is excellent and that they trust that she can be essential ahead of time for the huge occasions of the brand.

This was the full comment that Babin made

“Our great ambassador Lisa is in Europe. Unfortunately, due to COVID, your agency prefers that you not participate in events or parades.

That's why so far we haven't been able to shoot her alongside Zendaya, Lili Aldridge and Vittoria Ceretti for the 2021/22 campaign and we haven't been able to have her in a big event yet. But YES, we will do it very soon because we are great friends and we really want to activate 360 degree collaboration. I hope this answers the many questions and requests from Lisa fans that I have received. "

Blink trends BLACKPINK's Lisa situation

Fans were stunned and angry at the possibility that Lisa, who is 24 years old and immunized, would not have a chance.

This contention led fans to complain to the South Korean organization with the hashtag #YGLetLisaDoHerWork (YG, let Lisa work), which was moved around the world on Twitter.

"As an office, it is your obligation to help your artisans to develop, not to block promising circumstances that could also make their vocations prosper. This limitation is out of place," said a client.

Additionally, BLACKPINK's Lisa was spotted at the Paris air terminal. True to form, "Lili" caused quite a stir during her landing at the Paris air terminal.

Fans invited the icon and had the option to take photos of his visit at the air terminal.