BTS almost died laughing in new episode of their documentary series Bring the Soul

Cristian García
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Recently, a new episode of the famous BTS docu-series, titled Bring The Soul, has been released. It would have a series of anecdotes and exclusive moments of this group. What generated the most attention was a unique moment, where all its members almost died of laughter when they saw one of their live shows.

BTS almost died laughing in new episode of their documentary series Bring the Soul

The whole thing came about when RM, the leader of the South Korean group, showed off his dancing skills in a recorded concert during one of their public appearances. In this way, the artist would have made a dance step with such style that it would cause laughter from all over the world. Thus, there would be no doubt that RM may try so hard that his perfectionism will be to the liking of the BTS members.

BTS's RM's dance steps elicit laughter from other members on Bring the Soul episode

The third chapter of Bring The Soul was loaded with great simplicity, in which the members were seen to perform a series of quite calm activities. One of them was to see one of their concerts and generate criticism about it. Even so, the members didn't hesitate to joke when they saw the dance steps of the leader, RM.

All the laughter came during one of the Mic Drop performances. In this way, Jungkook was very attentive and asked all the members to observe RM's dancing skills. Even so, everything would have turned out very differently, seeing said leader take a hilarious step. Therefore, J-Hope and the other members would end up laughing out loud.

Minute 25:55.

This would only be one of the incredible events that this group has experienced during their documentary series Bring The Soul, which has been a complete success on all platforms. In this way, the great admiration for this K-pop group would be reflected.