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BTS artist Jungkook appears with lip piercing after Fact Music teaser

Luis Rafael
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BTS Jungkook might have a lip piercing and BTS ARMY is 'flying out of control'.

In another review of BTS's performance of The Fact Music Awards 2021, Bangtan's youngest vocalist was seen wearing a dark accessory and possible lip infiltration.

BTS Jungkook fans are still in awe of the Billboard Chart vocalist's eyebrow piercing and currently, the lip piercing may be lurking! As with JK's eyebrow piercing, the task started with a sticker and in the end, the “Euphoria” artist chose to make it extremely durable!

BTS ARMY estimates the possibility that this new piercing of the Korean singer is real after seeing a fog in the image of the U + Idol Live application.

BTS artist Jungkook appears with lip piercing after Fact Music teaser
Image by Jungkook

Is BTS's Jungkook's lip piercing official? ARMY speculating on a 2021 Fact Music Awards music video?

After rocking Twitter with his notable brow entry, BTS's JK may be in for another second of breaking up the web with his latest 'lip penetration'.

Despite the fact that BTS ARMY needs to hold out for a couple of hours for the 2021 Fact Music Awards performance to check if the 'My Time' vocalist's lip penetration is true, Jungkook fans have indeed made the point. a general pattern, as everyone experiences an emergency.

BTS ARMYS 'freaked out' over Jungkook's lip piercing

BTS ARMY is having a rerun of the debut period of the melodic video 'Spread' in fact, as, they talk about the possibility of a permanent lip piercing.

Jungkook previously flaunted his eyebrow piercing for the music video for 'Butter'.

That period a sticker, not authentic. Later, the vocalist applauded by Rolling Stone magazine chose to get an extremely durable piercing, since "hitting it was too annoying," he said in a live.

After practice, a BTS fan commented, "Do you remember how we all thought Jungkook's eyebrow piercing wasn't real and then he made it real? Now about that lip piercing!"

"Everyone went crazy after Jungkook's lip piercing. I AM NOT PROCESSING," another fan tweeted representing the assignments.

A third fan expressed: "Between Purple Hair Hobi and Jungkook's lip piercing… I WILL NEVER KNOW THAT TRUE PEACE IS A HOPEKOOK SESSION… It's always these two!"

Band BTS To Make Their Appearance At The Fact Music Awards Ceremony

BTS will be seen at the magnificent The Fact Music Awards 2021 ceremony, while a red carpet appearance is equally an opportunity on October 2. The ceremony begins at 7 p.m. KST / 6 a.m. ET and the path of honor begins at 5 p.m. KST / 4 a.m. ET.