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BTS at the 2021 EMAs: schedules and how to see Bangtan at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Luis Rafael
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Four of the most prized accolades could be presented to BTS at the MTV EMAs 2021. This will be one of the most watched events on the entire internet, that's why.

It is worth mentioning that MTV Europe Music Awards 2021 are held today November 14 and BTS opts for nominations in the musical event that will be held in Hungary.

For a long time, the fans of the different artists nominated for the event, made great participation in the voting through the web and Instagram in certain classifications.

Next, we are going to show you all the information you need to be able to see one of the most anticipated musical awards of the whole year "EMAs 2021 online" at no cost and the possible prizes that the Bangtan Boys would win.

BTS at the 2021 EMAs: schedules and how to see Bangtan at the MTV Europe Music Awards
BTS at the 2021 EMAs: schedules and how to see Bangtan at the MTV Europe Music Awards

When is the MTV EMA 2021?

The MTV EMA 2021 will be published starting this Sunday, November 14 and will be communicated from Budapest, in the country Hungary.

It will be very different from the year 2020, this version will have the presence of a group of people in the room to participate in the music of Ed Sheeran and all the more live vocalists.

Honors service begins at 9:00 PM (CET) and will be facilitated by Saweetie. Hours before, the path of honors will begin, which will also be shared through the same streaming that those in charge of the awards will be doing.

On which channel can I watch the BTS awards at the MTV EMA 2021?

According to the coordinators of the awards, the MTV channel will communicate the MTV EMA 2021 on television for 180 nations; although some districts will see it in a postponed premise. Check the schedules of your satellite TV provider.

Will BTS perform at the MTV EMAs?

A question thousands of ARMY ask themselves, everyone wants to know if they will be present at the awards. On this occasion, BTS will not attend the MTV EMAs, as the group is preparing for their next performances in the United States.

Also, Bangtan is not on the list of specialists with melodic numbers; Either way, ARMY would like to see you through thank you recordings in case awards are brought home tonight, as has happened in past commemorations.

BTS vs. BLACKPINK: the biggest fans

One of the most important sections of the awards was the biggest fan section at the 2021 EMAs, with a monster duel between famous bands BTS and BLACKPINK. The consequence of the survey through Instagram that is still dynamic in @mtvema will be discovered in the function.

BTS nominations

Taking the total account, the K-pop bandBTS” obtained four nominations at the 2021 EMAs : “best band”, “best K-pop”, “best pop” and “best fans”. Voting began on October 20 and closed on November 12 through the official site of the event.