BTS: collaborations, prizes and curiosities of V

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In February 2016, it was revealed that V and Kim Min Jae would collaborate in the program of MBC. MBIG TV performed the transmission of the first episode.

In that same month, he debuted as actor in the historical drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which is transmitted in the middle of the year at KBS 2TV.

Along with his groupmate, Jin, was part of the soundtrack of the program with the topic ite'S definely you.

In the celebration of the Fourth Anniversary of BTS, RM produces the song 4 o'clock that V published In June 2017.

Scenery, your first solo theme was launched in January 2019 through the Soundcloud page of BTS; It managed to be promoted in the Seoul Music Awards of the year 2019 and then in the Twitter account.

This song is a ballad, composed and written by the artist, who also made the cover photography, and produced by docskim with additional contributions of pdogg and hars noise.

Scenery broke the Soundcloud record for the highest number of Likes in 24 hours, it also received praise and favorable comments from many foreign media after publication.

V is a baritone, whose voice has been praised by of Elite Daily who made reference than his Low and relaxing tones would support the sound of the band.

On the other hand, Tamar Herman, of Billboard, said that his expressive voice is a pillar for the music of BTS.

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Awards and Awards to V

For the year 2018, Eugene Investment & Securities Co. Ltd. carried out an investigation where the industry of the K-POP was analyzed; Revealing that the word V was positioned in the first place in the list of most searched keywords online in South Korea in the last 5 years.

By 2018, V was located in the ninth place of a survey carried out by Gallup Korea about the most preferred IDOLS in that year.

Artists recognized as Yeosang and Mingi of Atee, Younghoon and Hwall of The Boyz, Jaehyun by Golden Child cite it as an influence and model to follow.

Curious V data

Black, white and green are their favorite colors.

His favorite meals are meat and pizzas.

The 10 is your favorite number, which in Korean is of good fortune, representing new beginnings with opportunities. In addition, it is characteristic of the cheerful people.

Always throw a kiss to heaven at the end of singing. That does it as a tribute to his already deceased grandmother. They were very close to her, since he lived 17 years along with her and her grandfather.

His mother called him “Bear of Honey” When I was little. For that reason he titled “Winter Bear” to his first simple of him.

He has confessed that when he comes out of tour, he likes to see photos of his family because he strange them a lot.

His companions say that he is usually a bit noisy, due to his cheerful and funny character.

It has as a pet to a dog named Yean. According to her, she has revealed, at the time of adopting her, she seemed to see him angry, so she immediately felt the impulse to hug him.