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BTS enters the Hall of Fame

Fermín Gómez
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Another of the great awards obtained by BTS for the k-pop genre is their induction into the Hall of Fame. With the last 5 records achieved, they make a total of 23 recognition that allow BTS to enter this select place.

And it is not for less. With the talent to compose, participate in the most spectacular choreographies, their ability to produce and write songs and also provide social assistance, this group has made its way worldwide.

They are important icons of the genre, they have even changed the perception of many about this genre, which has made them great exponents of their culture. Learn a bit about the band below and the reasons that led BTS to enter the Hall of Fame.

BTS artistic career

One of the most recognized exponents of the k-pop genre has once again managed to break international records with his latest single " Butter ". Although their awards are largely due to the support of their Army that grows more every day, they have also contributed their talent and dedication to work as the main reasons for achieving these awards.

After each production, there is talent and work carried out directly by the members of the band to offer something fresh and unique to their followers. With upbeat melodies, dynamic choreographies, thought-provoking themes, and empathy with their fans, BTS has steadily made its way in recent years. And they have managed to occupy a privileged place in the hearts of their unconditional followers.

Their name represents them, and it is that they have been able to create a unique sound that allows people to recognize their songs just by listening to the intro. Whether or not you are a fan of the band, at some point you have heard their songs or melodies, which shows the power and scope of the group.

2018 was the year of great growth, it can be said that since that year they were catapulted to musical stardom and have achieved a large number of fans, who have remained loyal to them. That has motivated them to head down paths little explored. This has helped and inspired other bands of the genre to achieve something similar or dare to try it.

These stars have been true to their purpose and to themselves, over the years they remain the same, bringing the same love wherever they go. Their brotherhood is another characteristic of this group that has undoubtedly strengthened them.

It could be said that they are the consolidators of a movement, capable of inspiring girls and boys to achieve their goals, regardless of obstacles and differences of opinion.

BTS enters the Hall of Fame – Showbiz – WebMediums

Awards obtained by BTS

Throughout his career, many have been the awards obtained thanks to his talent and his impact on social networks. From the Kids'Choise Awards to the Billboard, through their participation in international events and presence at venues such as the UN, these stars have left a deep mark.

Recently the song " Butter " has allowed them to get 5 recognitions for a total of 23 Guinness. In addition, they are one of the groups with the highest amount of streaming on Spotify and the account with the largest number of followers on Instagram.

On the other hand, on Twitter they have got the most reactions to a post for a musical group.

Limitations that have been overcome

Although it seems that this word does not exist for the group, since they have had to face certain social restrictions and the limitations of their language. Even recently the label that produced them could not continue to carry their music, forcing them to step out of their comfort zone and consider other horizons.

The recent limitations of the social networks of China to accounts of Jimin's fan club and in other groups of the genre within their country, create peculiar conditions that make it difficult to access the Army of the country that usually use this means of communication.

Due to their adaptability, their talent and despite their young age, these five gentlemen are an example to follow and a source of pride not only for family members but also for their entire Army. Since in spite of all this, BTS has singles in English, they have made their way into the world of fashion and television in the United States through Netflix.

Perceptual changes

Perhaps due to the strong surge it has had not only in music but also on television, South Korean artists have managed to reach other countries. Such is the case with k-dramas and the presence of k-pop in the United States in recent years.

This has allowed Blackpink to be the first k-pop girl group to open a concert in the United States. Recently the participation of Rosé and CL in the Met Gala also gave a lot to talk about. And it is that these are not only exponents of a musical genre but of an entire culture, which is increasingly accepted.

Purposes beyond k-pop music

These guys are not only dedicated to making music and showing spectacular choreography, they are also part of the " Love Myself " campaign in collaboration with UNICEF. This campaign is aimed at protecting children and adolescents against abuse, abortion and mental illnesses.

Their enthusiasm and euphoria make them participate in topics that for many are taboo. This quality in networks is very important to interact with the public. And it is that through their official account of the social network Twitter, with only one publication they are able to obtain thousands of reactions.

For this and much more, the band BTS enters the Hall of Fame. This information can be found on page 212 and 213 of the 2022 edition of the Guinness World Records 2022 book. Remember that you can get the physical version and the online version that is much easier to read, since it can be downloaded from any device.

Surely these are not the only records that the band will break so be sure to keep an eye on what's new in the group. Do not forget to wait for the new content that the band has for its fans by following them on their official accounts.

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