BTS fans boycott 2019 MTV VMAs

Cristian García
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Yesterday, August 26, the famous 2019 M TV VMA awards were held. In this way, those artists considered the most famous and successful in the music industry would be rewarded. Despite being an event of great magnitude, it presented certain inconveniences in social networks because the fans of BTS or ARMY would have tried to boycott said awards due to an incorrect treatment of the K-pop group.

BTS fans boycott 2019 MTV VMAs – Showbiz – WebMediums

It must be remembered that BTS was only nominated for 5 categories, despite being considered one of the most famous and influential artists on the music scene. On the other hand, the K-pop group would only have managed to win in 2 categories, which would arouse some controversy, since these awards would be awarded by means of voting on social networks, where BTS would have the largest number of fans and possibly of votes.

Because of all this, the ARMY decided to create their own event in parallel with the VMA 2019, which would be called BTS MVA 2019. This award would be something extremely fictitious and would only seek to diminish the relevance of the MTV awards, because it would be an awards ceremony considered very unfair to the K-pop community.

The event featured a purple carpet, where editions of all kinds of artists who supposedly attended the BTS MVA 2019 were seen. All this generated a lot of fun on social networks, where all the hashtags referring to said event managed to become a global trend, even surpassing some hashtags of the MTV VMA 2019.

Everything seems to indicate that this awards ceremony would be held annually, seeing the great success they achieved this year. In this way, the ARMY would have created a great event thanks to the attempt to boycott the famous 2019 MTV VMA gala.

BTS fans boycott 2019 MTV VMAs – Showbiz – WebMediums
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Fans de BTS boicotean los MTV VMAs 2019
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