BTS: History of Jin in the band

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Some of the most important bands of the genus k-pop of recent years is BTS. It is one of the model bands that has inspired many artists and fans with their interactive choreographies and sticky letters of their themes.

The talent showed in each project has made them worthy of prizes and nominations in international categories. So much so, it was recently given the passage to the Hall of Fame of the Guinness World Records.

On this occasion we will dedicate this article to what has been the trajectory of jin within the BTS group. Here you will know a little more than the beginnings of it and the projects that she has carried out alone and also as part of the group.

Jin Steps in BTS

Born in South Korea, Jin has become the visual of the band since its inception in 2013. While you have composed songs for the boyband has also written topics to launch, so far, a Total 3 singles alone.

The single solo are "awake" "Moon" Y "Epiphany", which together have reached more than 300 million reproductions in spotify.

On the other hand, he has participated with his band V, in the band Hwarang in 2016.

It is also recognized, because of its vocal tone that can be easily appreciated in their solo songs, which imprinted a lot of emotion to their issues.

But not only the song is the greatest attribute of this artist, his participation in music programs, took him to the decoration by South Korean President with the Order to Cultural Merit, both for him and for some of his companions.

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Roots of Jin.

The best-known artist as jin, has been named Kim Seok-Jin. He was born at 4 days of December 1992. At 28 years of age, he has served as actor, model, presenter, singer, dancer and model.

During high school, it was located by the SM Entertainment, but it was not until it completed its studies that accepted the company's offer.

He finished his studies in art and acting at the beginning of 2017 and is currently culminating his postgraduate studies in the Hanyang Cyber University.

Jin's artistic career

As mentioned, the Label SM Entertainment contacted it while taking a walk down the street. This took it to participate in Auditions for the Big Hit Entertainment, in which he chose the topic "No More Dream".

Compositions and premiums

The first theme of your authorship bears the name "Awake", this topic came to the Billboard World Digital Singles list.

Subsequently, he released the theme"Epiphany"which was described by the connoisses of the Billboard as a pop-rock melody. In it, Jin handled the concept of love by itself and acceptance.

In this way, this topic was located in the 4 of the Billboard World Digital Singles. This last topic can be achieved in the first full album of the band.

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BTS: Historia de Jin en la banda
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